PostcardMania offers effective small business marketing through integrated direct mail marketing efforts. PostCardMania.com

According to PPC Protect, an average individual with internet access is estimated to come across between 6,000 to 10,000 ads every single day. This number represents the estimates for 2021 and is nearly double the numbers from 2007. This massive rise is the result of increased online marketing efforts by individuals and brands all over the world.

Bidding costs on digital marketing platforms have risen and continue to rise as a result of high demand and increased competition.

For the individuals at the receiving end, 6,000 to 10,000 ads per day is a lot of noise to deal with. In the midst of this, mediapost reports that the average attention space of an average digital consumer is eight (8) seconds and three (3) seconds for half of mobile consumers. This all begs the question — are the effects of digital marketing inflated by the brands using it most? One marketing company, PostcardMania, relies on tangible marketing impressions — in the form of postcards — to bring big returns to small and medium-sized businesses nationwide … Meet PostcardMania.

PostcardMania to the rescue

Modern problems require modern solutions. Businesses need to reach customers on all the available channels (aka omnichannel), but most businesses lack the budget or manpower to oversee campaigns at that scale. Enter PostcardMania. In 2020, amidst the pandemic, they added 40 new jobs overall to their roster and grew revenue over 10% — and this is after earnings took a 41% hit in April–March, when most businesses were forced to close. This quick rebound was driven by PostcardMania’s integrated marketing approach.

Since 2012, PostcardMania has offered integrated direct mail marketing services. This is a service that allows businesses to reach prospects on all channels (online and offline) as well as connect better with their target audience, establish offline relations and drive sales through direct mail marketing and complimentary digital-based marketing.

Most marketers and businesses are familiar with digital marketing and direct mail marketing as separate efforts. Many realize the enormous power that combining both yields but lack the resources to utilize both at an effective scale and strategy. What PostcardMania has shown is the power of integrating these two channels of marketing — and how easy it can be.

Like every other thing that has advantages, there are exceptions in both forms of marketing when they stand alone. But integrating both strategies allows businesses to maximize their strengths while drastically reducing the limitations of each strategy.

It’s always been about generating real, bottom-line results

Joy Gendusa, the founder and CEO of PostcardMania, started the company in 1998 with only a phone, a computer and her marketing savvy — no capital injections whatsoever. Her mission then (and today) has been to help American small businesses succeed through better marketing — because, in a society with a strong small business economy, we all win.

PostcardMania is committed to doing small business marketing better through results-driven integrated direct mail marketing efforts. They have a unique role at the company that none of PostcardMania’s competitors has replicated — a results manager, whose sole responsibility is to gather, catalog and disseminate data from successful campaigns to better inform marketing tactics across the board. This is allowing small businesses to save cost, reap the benefits of both marketing strategies and achieve greater sales.

image1PostcardMania’s initial office
PostcardMania’s initial office PostcardMania.com

Today, PostcardMania is one of the most innovative and successful postcard marketing companies in the industry, with a rich client base and results to show.

With depleting attention spans and the noise in the digital marketing space, it is evident that some people don’t care much about digital ads anymore. It is also true that only the most compelling digital ads end up grabbing people’s attention. However, the cost of bidding also plays a huge role in determining if people see an ad. PostcardMania has been able to leverage this aspect of digital marketing to improve the results of traditional offline marketing tactics.

Stepping into the next generation of integrated marketing

PostcardMania allows customers to precisely target the most qualified prospects with postcard mailings and optional matching ads on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Gmail and YouTube. It’s all bundled together in a convenient package called Everywhere Small Business.

The integration of targeted postcard mailings and optional digital add-on ads have enabled the company to experience tremendous growth, serving over 96,765 businesses in the process and counting.

PostcardMania’s success story in the field of direct mail marketing is a living testament that direct mail still works. As proof, PostcardMania boasts of over 400 direct mail marketing case studies. These case studies are put together but their results managed to offer valuable lessons about how direct mail marketing can grow any business.

PostcardMania’s office and teeming employees today
PostcardMania’s office and teeming employees today PostcardMania.com

PostcardMania’s success stories are sure to inspire and motivate any brand to take on direct mail marketing. Necessitated by strong job growth, the company has increased her workforce to allow her to cater to the rising demand for her services. PostcardMania now has a workforce of over 290+ employees and owns an in-house 69,800 sq ft printing facility. Their first location was just a small 600 sq ft cottage.

Worthy of note also is the fact that the brand has been featured in notable publications such as Entrepreneur, Forbes, MSNBC, Adweek, INC. and lots more.

The key to success in marketing is reaching your target audience where they are – online and/or offline. The most successful marketing campaigns are usually a healthy mix of both digital and traditional marketing efforts. The massive job growth by PostcardMania is valid proof that integrated direct mail marketing works.