Joseph Sikora (as Tommy Egan), Omari Hardwick (as James 'Ghost' St
Joseph Sikora (L) as Tommy Egan and Omari Hardwick as James 'Ghost' St. Patrick in "Power" Season 3, episode 7 "Don't Go." Starz

“Power” Season 3, episode 7 saw the aftermath of Ghost’s split with Angela and his new partnership with Milan.

In the previous episode, James “Ghost” St. Patrick (Omari Hardwick) thought he could finally put his past behind him and start anew after killing Lobos (Enrique Murciano). However, Serbian drug lord Milan (Callan Mulvey) then came forward and forced Ghost and Tommy (Joseph Sikora) to work for him after they killed one of his men and sabotaged his drug shipments.

In “Power” Season 3, episode 7, Ghost and Tommy gets a taste of what their future would be like under Milan’s thumb. When Ghost tells him that he does not want to sell drugs in his night clubs, Milan kills one of his henchmen in front of them to show them he’s not playing around. Milan demands a hefty check from Ghost and gives him only until the end of the day to give it up. However, Ghost previously promised Karen Bassett and her dad the money as an investment in their hotels, so he tries to get the sum from Tasha (Naturi Naughton) and Tommy. After they both refuse to give him the money and the Bassetts decline to give him an extension, Ghost gets angry at the prospect of his hotel expansion plans going down the drain. In an attempt to take down the drug lord, he calls Dre (Rotimi) and asks him to make an anonymous call to the police about one of his night club waitresses who previously went missing and pin her murder on Milan.

The latest episode of the Starz series tests Angela’s (Lela Loren) love for Ghost. Still reeling from their breakup, Angela also runs into some trouble at work. She is called in by her boss and ordered to give up her cell phone and laptop. She and the other agents are interrogated to find the mole in the task force. The cops are now aware that Lobos was killed, and they managed to trace the cell phone found on his body.

Soon after, Angela figures out that Ghost killed Lobos. She confronts Tasha and tries to get a confession out of her. However, Tasha covers up for Ghost and tells the agent that he couldn’t have murdered Lobos because they were having sex all night in their hotel room. Angela doesn’t seem to buy it, but she leaves Tasha alone.

Meanwhile, Tasha has her hands full dealing with her ex-husband’s shenanigans and their son Tariq’s (Michael Rainey Jr.) meltdown. When their troubled son acts out, she asks Ghost to help deal with him. Tariq continues to be disrespectful, but when he calls Angela his “sidepiece,” Ghost grabs his son in anger. Terrified, Tariq runs away. Ghost goes after his son, but instead he finds Milan and Tatiana sitting in his living room. Milan obviously found out about Ghost’s plan to pin Tatiana’s murder on him, which is now futile since the waitress is alive. Milan leaves Ghost with a warning not to try anything with him again, threatening to get his family involved if the latter tries to cross him in the future.

However, it looks like Milan isn’t the only person Ghost would need to watch out for. After she succeeds in convincing her bosses that she is not the mole, Angela confronts Ghost about Lobos and asks him how he managed to track him down. When he doesn’t answer her question, Angela threatens to turn him over to the cops, saying, “If I go down, we all go down.”

Find out what happens next when “Power” Season 3, episode 8 airs Sunday, Sept. 4 at 9 p.m. ET on Starz.