Even the President has car troubles.

Two hours before President Barack Obama’s arrival in Israel, his limo broke down, CNN reports. The limo, which was shipped from Washington D.C., failed after its driver filled it up with gasoline rather than diesel fuel, an official said Wednesday. A second presidential limo greeted Obama once he landed in Tel Aviv at around noon, according to the news outlet.

“One of our vehicles is experiencing mechanical problems. This is why we bring multiple vehicles and a mechanic on trips,” Secret Service spokesman, Agent Edwin Donovan told ABC News.

Photos of the armored Cadillac propped up on a flatbed pickup truck on its way to Jerusalem have been circulating online.

And although the limo is called “The Beast” others have different name ideas. The hashtag #ObamaLimoNames has started trending on Twitter. Names like Obamamobile, Broke Back Limo and even Big Fat Carbon Footprint have been shared.

There are plenty of reasons for the limo’s official name. According to Discovery.com an 8-inch armor surrounds the car’s body, the gas tank won’t explode if directly hit and there are bottles of blood containing the president’s blood type stored in the trunk, in case of emergencies.

Check out this infographic of the president's limo created by the Daily Mail in 2011:

Obama Limo Infographic
Daily Mail