The upcoming reboot of the first-person shooter Prey has been teased for a while and console gamers will soon be able to take an early look at the game. Publisher Bethesda Softworks announced Wednesday a demo for Prey will release April 27 for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Check out the announcement teaser below:

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Prey will release May 5 worldwide on consoles and PCs. Bethesda also highlighted pre-order bonuses for gamers who want to guarantee their copy of Prey early. The Cosmonaut Shotgun pack gets players an exclusive in-game shotgun and several items like health and weapon boosts.

Prey places players into the role of Morgan Yu, a human who travels to the space station Talos I. In the game, you have to fight against aliens using a variety of weapons and special abilities. The game’s space station also works as an open world environment, allowing players to explore and progress through the game dynamically.

The current-generation version of Prey is a full reboot and reimagining of 2006’s Prey, where you played as a Cherokee protagonist who was abducted by an alien spaceship. This original version of Prey was itself the product of an extended development process that originally started in 1995.

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After a protracted rights transfer process, the Prey property eventually went to Bethesda and developer Arkane Studios. The French studio is best known for developing games like the Dishonored spy-stealth combat series.