Prince Charles reportedly advised Queen Elizabeth II to axe Prince Andrew for the monarchy.

The Duke of York broke his silence about the Epstein scandal last week. Shortly after his car crash interview, Prince Andrew also announced that he was stepping down from his royal duties.

According to Express, Prince Charles advised the monarch to axe Prince Andrew from his royal duties. The Prince of Wales reportedly did it to protect the monarchy and not because of their different personalities since it’s not a secret that Prince Charles and Prince Andrew were never close.

“This is not about personalities but about safeguarding the future of the institution of the monarchy itself,” The Evening Standard reported.

“There could be only one conclusion…The Duke of York had to withdraw from the fray and from public life. It is very sad. Obviously, both the Queen and the prince love Andrew…but the health of the monarchy is too important to risk.”

An insider also believed that Prince Charles would give his younger brother stern words upon his return from his royal tour. The Prince of Wales was reportedly furious that he was not informed about the interview ahead of time. It is believed that Prince Charles will question Prince Andrew the details and who advised him to do it.

Royal biographer Christopher Andersen suggested that Prince Charles should read the riot act to the duke. The royal expert added that Prince Charles doesn’t want to inherit a crown that has been “tarnished, scratched, and dented by a fresh round of scandals.”

Prince William also believed that sacking Prince Andrew from the royal office was just the right thing to do. The Duke of Cambridge was reportedly not a huge fan of his uncle.

However, according to Katie Nicholl in her 2010 book “William and Harry,” Prince William wanted to be a pilot like Prince Andrew. Kate Middleton’s husband reportedly enjoyed the fortnight he spent working with the RAF Valley Mountain Rescue Team in Anglesey where he learned about helicopter flying and mountain rescue.

Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Andrew
Pictured: Princes Charles, Andrew, Her Majesty following the Queen's Birthday parade, 'Trooping the Colour,' in central London on June 15, 2013. Getty Images/Carl Court/AFP