Prince Charles
Prince Charles may abdicate from the throne as King due to his views on religion. Pictured: Prince Charles during an official visit to BFI Southbank on December 06, 2018 in London, England. Getty Images/Chris Jackson

Prince Charles’ unconventional views on one subject may result in his abdication from the throne when he becomes king.

In the documentary “The Madness of Prince Charles,” it has been revealed that the future king’s ideas on religion defy a long and significant tradition.

At present, Queen Elizabeth II holds the title “Defender of the Faith and Supreme Governor of the Church of England.” This will be passed on to Prince Charles when he becomes king. However, Prince Charles’ personal views on the title and its demands have caused some controversy.

“Charles has said that he wants to be the defender of all faiths,” the narrator said.

Prince Charles also proposed two changes to the title. First, he wants it to be changed to Defender of the Faiths or Defender of Faith. This way, the title will encompass all religions and faiths.

Reverend Gordon Warren, the rector of Limehouse, said in the documentary that if the Prince of Wales cannot be the supreme governor of the Church of England, he could abdicate.

Prince Charles recently said that he will retain the monarch’s traditional title as Defender of the Faith when he becomes king. However, he will also ensure that other people’s faiths can be practiced. In response, the National Secular Society has urged Buckingham Palace to redesign the coronation vows to make it more inclusive and reflective of modern Britain.

In related news, it has been claimed that Prince Charles may never become king because his mom may consider snubbing him from the throne in favor of Prince William.

The documentary “Prince William: Royalty In My Family” said that the Queen may overlook Prince Charles because he is awkward and uncertain. Prince William, on the other hand, possesses great confidence, maturity, and sensitivity. But despite the speculations, there is no confirmation that the Queen will bump Prince Charles off the throne in favor of her grandson.

Prince William is still currently second in line the throne, and he will be followed by his three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.