• The Queen Mother urged her great-grandsons to always put their duty to the country first
  • Prince Harry would've disappointed the Queen Mother with his bombshell exit
  • Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will no longer use their titles in the spring 

Prince Harry could’ve heartbreakingly disappointed the Queen Mother with his and Meghan Markle’s bombshell exit.

When Queen Elizabeth’s mother was still alive, she was asked what advice she would give Prince William and Prince Harry about serving the country as important members of the royal family.

“Well, I suppose, I hope they will be brought up to always put their country first, whatever happens. It is about the duty to one’s country, isn’t it, really? It comes first. I’m sure they will be brought up like that,” she said.

The clip, which was uploaded on Instagram by Basia Briggs, was taken while the Queen Mother was hanging out in the garden room at Clarence House. In her caption, Briggs said that she knew that the clip would come handy one day.

Prince Harry seemingly ignored his great-grandmother’s desire for him to always put the United Kingdom first over anything else. The Duke of Sussex revealed that he encouraged his wife to quit their royal duties after receiving constant backlash from the media.

Initially, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex just wanted to step back from their royal duties. In their statement, they said that they still want to serve the queen and to live in London and North America.

But following the crisis talks in Sandringham, Her Majesty announced that starting this spring, Prince Harry and Markle will no longer be able to use their royal titles. The royal couple won’t also receive public funding, and they will no longer be able to perform their royal duties.

Prince Harry and Markle have also volunteered to repay the Sovereign Grant expenditure for the refurbishment of Frogmore Cottage before their son Archie’s birth.

The royal couple’s bombshell exit also means that Prince Harry will be stripped off all of his military appointments. And that he and his wife will be allowed to find employment anywhere in the world.

Queen Mother
Queen Mother celebrates her 100th birthday from the balcony of Buckingham Palace 04 August 2000. Getty Images/Ian Waldi/AFP