Prince Harry, Meghan Markle
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are madly in love with each other. Pictured: Prince Harry, Markle during a visit to Catalyst Inc science park in Belfast where they met some of Northern Ireland's brightest young entrepreneurs on Mar. 23, 2018 in Belfast, Nothern Ireland. Niall Carson - Pool/Getty Images

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have only attending public engagements for the past four months, but they already have tons of adorable photos together.

Elle UK recently compiled all of the couple’s pictures that prove just how smitten they really are with each other.

During their trip to Belfast, the royal couple was photographed talking to each other outdoors. Markle is looking intently at Prince Harry’s face, while he’s explaining something to her.

In another photo, taken during the recent Commonwealth Day Service, the 36-year-old former actress was also photographed smiling from ear to ear while talking to her soon to be husband.

And in at least one of their official visits, Markle was photographed touching Prince Harry’s back, while he’s bent down and talking to the people that waited for them outdoors.

Unlike Kate Middleton and Prince William, Markle and Prince Harry are normally seen holding hands in public. They never shied away from showing their affection towards each other. In fact, during their first sit-down interview, Markle held Prince Harry’s hands throughout the discussion with BBC.

In another picture, Prince Harry holds Markle’s shoulder as she signs an autograph for a young fan. At that time, Markle and Prince Harry went to Cardiff, Wales.

The 10-year-old girl, Caitlin Clarke, revealed that Markle did not sign her name on the piece of paper. Rather, she just wrote the letter “K” and the words “Hi Kaitlin” on the paper.

After meeting Markle, Clarke told People, “I don’t really care. My heart is still racing. I’ve never got a royal autograph before. This is going to make everyone jealous.”

Markle also met Haley Johnston at that time, and they had a conversation about the British life.

“I told her I’m married to a British guy, just like she is going to be, and if she wants any tips about living here, I could give her some. She thought it was great. She is so welcoming. She just seemed so easy with the crowd,” Johnston said.