Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are officially splitting their household from Prince William and Kate Middleton, but it’s not just a change of location. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will take a different approach to representing the monarchy.

According to a new Vanity Fair article, sources say that Meghan and Harry will have a much more international focus as they forge their own path. Their projects will become very different, and ideally, the brothers won’t be compared nearly as much.

“They will have space to develop and grow, without being in one another’s shadows,” an insider, who has allegedly known William and Harry for quite some time, told VF. “Harry and Meghan’s work will be very different to what William and Kate will be doing, so it makes sense for them to have their own team to support [it].”

However, there will be a lot of adjustments for Meghan and Harry, so they should expect some growing pains. Kensington Palace apparently runs pretty independently, with the outlet calling it “more informal and autonomous,” but Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles reportedly turned down the Sussexes’ request to have as much freedom with their new court.

Instead, the newest household is based out of Buckingham Palace. Their head of communications, Sara Latham, will have to report to the Queen’s head of communications, Donal McCabe.

“It will be fun, but it will be a different structure to how K.P. operates, and one Harry and Meghan will have to get used to,” an anonymous source added.

Their first task is hiring new employees. Meghan and Harry are reportedly going through resumes themselves to find the perfect people for their private secretary and assistant private secretary. Samantha Cohen and Amy Pickerill, who respectively fill those positions now, are both set to leave the royal family after Meghan gives birth.