Royal Family
Prince Philip's approach would've helped Princess Diana have a peaceful time with the royal family. Pictured: Royal Family at Buckingham Palace on Aug. 4, 1982. Getty Images/PA/AFP

Prince Philip could have helped saved Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ marriage from ending if only this happened.

In the royal documentary “Princes of the Palace,” biographer Tim Heald said that Princess Diana’s marriage and life as a member of the royal family would’ve been successful if she followed Prince Philip’s approach.

“What went wrong more than anything with Diana is that nobody tells you anything at all. One of the astonishing successes is [what Prince Philip has made of his life, and] nobody told him either – he instinctively knew how to behave. Other interlopers aren’t told, and I think that was ultimately the great tragedy of Princess Diana,” he said (via Express).

Penny Junor, a royal biographer, noted the fact that the late Princess of Wales romanticized her time with the royal family. She thought that marrying Prince Charles was something out of a fairytale. But she soon found out that the reality of royal life was different from the romantic novels. Princess Diana felt that she didn’t have the support system and also had no family around her.

The royal biographer also said that Prince Charles had such a hard time dealing with Princess Diana and blamed himself for their problems. At one point, Prince Charles gave up his friends that his ex-wife didn’t like and even fired staff members Princess Diana wasn’t close with.

“He did everything he could possibly do to make her happy, but he couldn’t make her happy. Nothing could make her happy,” Junor said.

In related news, Robert Lacey, a royal biographer, said in the documentary that Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip didn’t blame Princess Diana for anything. In fact, it was Prince Charles that they questioned. After all, Prince Charles was the one that had a very public affair with Camilla Parker Bowles.

Ingrid Seward added that Princess Diana even sought emotional support from Her Majesty and didn’t have to make an appointment just so she could see her.