Prince William and Prince George look exactly like when they were the same age.

The father and son duo’s photos were recently compared online, and their similarities cannot be denied. In one of the snaps, Prince Charles is carrying Prince William while looking out the Buckingham Palace’s balcony. The toddler is wearing blue one piece clothing.

Years later, it was Prince William’s turn to carry Prince George in his arms. They are also standing in the balcony, but with Prince Charles this time. Prince George is pointing out at the massive crowd, and he is also wearing a blue one piece ensemble.

Prince William was accompanied by Princess Diana on his first day of school. He is wearing a black coat and hat while holding his mom’s hands. Prince William also accompanied Prince George on his first day of school. He held his hand, and he was also photographed carrying his son’s blue lunch box.

A close up photo of Prince George and a young Prince William on their way to school proved that they are mirroring each other. But in the snap, Prince William has a smile on his face, and Prince George looked a little bit more scared or worried.

Both Prince William and Prince George are also big brothers to their respective siblings. In 1984, Prince William carried Prince Harry in his arms while their photo was being taken.

Prince William and Kate Middleton decided to take a similar photo of Prince George and Princess Charlotte in May 2015, just days after the latter was born.

And months after Prince Harry and Princess Charlotte were born; Prince William and Prince George attended their sibling’s christening. The two princes wore a white and red ensemble to the special occasion.

As of late, it is still unclear whether or not the white and red clothing that Prince George wore are the exact same pieces that Prince William used years ago.