Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ bonding moment with a young Prince William has been reimagined by a royal fan.

A drawing of the royal family in what looks like a pop-up book was inspired by a throwback photo of Prince Charles, Princess Diana, and Prince William outdoors.

Years ago, the royal family went on a picnic and they were photographed while playing with their eldest son. Prince William crawled on the picnic mat, and Prince Charles and Princess Diana assisted him.

In the popup book, Prince Charles and Princess Diana are smiling from ear to ear. The late royal is bending on her knees and the movement of the drawing shows her reaching out to a crawling Prince William.

Prince Charles, on the other hand, is also smiling from ear to ear. He is wearing a suit and holding a baby toy that he is moving in front of his son. Just like with other pop up books, someone needs to pull a piece of paper at the bottom of the page to make the images move.

Princess Diana and Prince Charles were oftentimes seen with their sons in public. At that time, royal fans thought that the Princess of Wales was living a life that’s like a fairytale.

Not only did she manage to marry at future King and will become Queen one day, but she was also blessed with two handsome and talented sons. But this idea among royal fans became short-lived.

Princess Diana, later on, revealed that her marriage was far from being a fairytale. In fact, she and Prince Charles fought a lot, and this affected their sons. The royal couple also figured out very early on that they were not suited for each other.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana separated in 1992 after tying the knot in 1981. Four years later, the royal couple announced their divorce.

Prince Charles, Prince William, Princess Diana
Pictured: Prince Charles, Prince William, Princess Diana in the gardens of Kensington Palace. Getty Images/Hulton Archive