Princess Diana struggled with her life as a royal and not receiving any support from her then-husband, Prince Charles, just made things even worse for her.

In the book “Diana: Her True Story,” royal author Andrew Morton said that the mom of two also struggled with adapting to her life as the newest member of the royal family in 1981. And as a result, the Princess of Wales was accused of crying wolf.

And things just got even worse for the late royal while she was pregnant with Prince William. While she was dealing with her pregnancy, Princess Diana was also trying to accommodate herself in her new family.

At that time, Prince Charles and Princess Diana were residing in Sandringham. According to Morton, Princess Diana’s hysterical sobbing and raised voice due to anger could be heard from the suites of the rooms that she and the heir to the throne were occupying.

“Diana pleaded, cajoled, and quarreled violently with Charles as she tried to win his assistance. The Prince seemed incapable of understanding or wishing to comprehend the turmoil in Diana’s life,” he said.

While Princess Diana was at the height of her anger, she found herself being doubted by Prince Charles. The latter accused her crying wolf, and he went about his plans to go riding.

The tension between the couple caused their relationship to unravel rapidly. And while talking to her friends, Princess Diana said that she had a tough time juggling between her different roles. There are times when she felt like a nobody and then she was the Princess of Wales, a mother, a member of the royal family, a wife or a media toy.

It didn’t take long for Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ marriage to fall apart completely. Just years after their youngest son, Prince Harry, was born, they decided to go for a trial separation. Their decision led to a divorce in 1996.