Previous reports revealed that a new “Resident Evil” game is coming, and that the new title will possibly feature multiplayer. Now, a new trailer reveals that it does feature multiplayer, with up to four players working together as a team, fighting against the undead.

A trailer video for “Project Resistance,” uploaded to the Resident Evil YouTube page, reveals that the upcoming game will feature four-person co-op multiplayer. Players will need to choose from one of four characters and fight together as one team against the undead.

The trailer doesn’t explicitly reveal specific details about the game, but it does give some hints about it. First, the trailer showed a person who controls the undead attacking the players. The person, who appears to be wearing black leather gloves, opens some computer screens that displays a countdown timer.

The person awakens zombies to come and attack the four-man protagonist group composed by a shotgun-toting jock, a pistol-using Aya Brea-lookalike, a baseball bat-swinging guy, and a girl with a wooden stick.

After the players defeat the zombies, the man in the computer then unleashes a licker that pins the jock down. The group then defeats the licker with the help of a bomb placed on the floor near some sort of door.

Once the team defeats the licker, the person in the computer stands up to wear some sort of gloves that serve as controllers to one of the most annoying and terrifying enemies in “Resident Evil” - Mr. X.

Polygon noted that this Mr. X version seems to be just a robot. This makes it difficult to determine whether the tall monstrosity is indeed the Mr.X that chased Leon and Claire in “Resident Evil 2 Remake” or not. Whether it is the same Mr. X or not doesn’t matter, though. He still looks terrifying.

Some commenters on Polygon’s comments section speculate that the upcoming game will feature some sort of “4 versus 1” style of gameplay where one player plays the role of antagonist orchestrating the events that happen to the other four players. Of course, this is merely speculation on their part as Capcom hasn’t officially said anything about it yet.

More details about “Project Resistance” will be revealed during the Tokyo Game Show this week. Stay tuned for more details as they come.

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