• Guns can be found in zombies and a few locations in "Project Zomboid"
  • The military cordon near Louisville is a relatively safe place to loot for firearms
  • Police stations and gun stores are typically swarmed by dense zombie hordes

Having a working gun nearby can be very handy in a pinch, especially when a random horde strays too close to home or a helicopter event suddenly triggers and brings every undead neighbor to the front door of the base.

The rural locales of “Project Zomboid” have an astonishing lack of firearms, however, which might make this a little hard to do. Even though guns are highly situational, keeping a few in stock is always a good thing since players won’t be able to tell when an emergency comes up.

Guns can sometimes be seen strapped onto zombies, but getting weapons through this method is iffy at best. On the other hand, there are some locations that are worth rushing to if players really want to get strapped. Here are a few of them.

Police Stations

Every town has one police station with an armory inside that contains basic guns people would normally see in a law enforcer’s hands. There are almost always a few shotguns, pistols and bolt-action rifles inside police station lockers as well as a few dozen boxes of ammunition for each.

The police stations in Muldraugh and Riverside are arguably the easiest to break into, while the one in West Point is the hardest due to how densely-packed the zombies are in that area.

A detailed map of Knox County can be viewed on this online map.

The Louisville Military Cordon

The highway leading to Louisville is cordoned off by the military, which has set up a small base along the road. The various tents here are filled to the brim with military apparel, and some of the storage boxes in the area contain both high-caliber weapons and copious amounts of ammunition.

This is a fairly easy area to raid, but proceeding anywhere near Louisville proper will attract a huge horde of zombies, so be ready to use all of those guns and ammo in one place.

The Hidden Military Compound

To the west of the southern-most road of Rosewood is a long and winding dirt track that leads to a hidden military compound deep in the woods. Naturally, this base has military-grade weapons and munitions and the entire compound is walled-off by a metal fence, making it easy to defend.

Assault rifles are plenty here, but the trip isn’t always worth it.

[Project Zomboid] The road leading to Louisville is packed with zombies
The road leading to Louisville is packed with zombies Project Zomboid