Tip Before Launching Startup
Tip Before Launching Startup IBG

Instagram is the ideal social network for sharing visuals. It is very interesting in terms of engagement; this medium has become essential in social networking. It is an effective medium for implementing your brand strategy and sharing your universe towards a B2C target. But, it is necessary to know a few rules to promote your brand on Instagram successfully. This article will get you started on Instagram before launching a startup.

Create your pro account on Instagram

The first thing to do when you create a professional Instagram account is to name it faithfully with your brand name. If it is already taken, which unfortunately can happen, associate it with a singular attribute to your activity or your values. Some examples are @MIMI_bijoux or @MIMI_lifestyle.

Put your logo in profile photo and fill in your description with a short informative text about your company. Please note, many brands have a logo that is far too long for the round format of the profile pictures. The visual becomes difficult to read and lacks elegance. Remember to adapt your logotype in a reduced version. For example, the communication agency BeTrue uses a short version, comprising only the letter B, in the secondary logo. If your logo contains an icon accompanying the name, the use of the icon alone will work perfectly, as for Airbnb, for example.

In the description of your bio, remember to include the link to your website. Indeed, this is the only way to redirect your audience to your site, because Instagram does not allow you to insert clickable links in the description of the photos. Then select "go-to professional profile" in your options. This step requires having previously created a professional page on Facebook. Once your profile has become professional, you can integrate buttons under the bio allowing your targets to contact you directly, such as sending an email or making a phone call or even activating the shopping mode.
Consider announcing the launch of your Instagram account on your company's official website or on your Facebook page.

Create a territory of expression for your brand

The first rule is to think about branding. You must think beforehand about the image you want to give in order to adopt a consistent style for all of your posts. It is, in fact, a question of defining an effective and relevant territory of expression for your brand. It must be consistent with your activity and your values.
Several criteria can be taken into account to harmonize your images, the main ones being:
• The format. Some brands, like Sezane, do not restrict themselves to the square framing of Instagram and offer variations on a white background. The rendering is thus dynamic, bright, and refined. It is a choice that works very well but which requires systematically retouching its images before integrating them into the application.
• Calibration. This is the overall color given to your image. It can be hot, cold, de-saturated according to your initial choices. Thus the Chloé brand adopts a very warm and sunny chromatic choice, recalling the color of its logo. The French brand COS has favored a choice of colors that are very soft and consistent with the minimalism and elegance conveyed by the brand.
• Life. This is the atmosphere in which your brand will evolve, recurring codes, and symbols. Thus the Thetomhope brand takes up the maritime spirit in its posts. A brand as an innocent relationship with nature in its staging (wood, meadow, etc.)

Be careful; however, even if they use an Instagram filter is a quick and effective solution to work on your posts consistently, it is best to avoid them. They have been used far too much! Your goal is to stand out. Look for your style; find a way to stay remarkable with each photo.

To build relevant brand identities, the BeTrue agency uses its unique method. This branding method was designed by its four founding members based on the lessons learned from their past experiences in an agency or with the advertiser.

Boost your content

To avoid monotony in your posts, remember to vary the subject. For example, you can integrate a landscape between different product packshots. Likewise, the posts depicting the life of your startups are strong vectors of engagement and allow you to better retain your target by bringing a more human aspect to your business.
Videos are also a great way to attract customers by playing on the emotional. To create short and simple videos, you can use the Boomerang tool. It gives the possibility of creating short videos with a movement in one direction than in the other. You can also take advantage of the video collage tool to create video collages. It is recommended that use editing software for a really professional rendering (being careful to respect a very short duration) and to import it into Instagram.
Be original and post content that will create a real interaction with your audience! It will help you to gain your target, while on other hand buy Instagram followers which can help you overnight success.

Organize contests
Creating a contest is a great way to attract your audience to your page. The methods are often the same; you ask your audience to follow to your page and then publish a photo on a given theme with a specific hashtag. For example, by putting: @nameofyourmark followed by #nameofyourmark_competition
In return (because it takes a yes ^^), your target can win your last product, or again related to your brand.

Learn to use your stories well
Stories are a great way to get a message across, such as presenting a specific topic or reporting an important change!
An example of well-used stories, follow 'go pro' example on Instagram.

Take the plunge
You now know all the good tips to launch your brand successfully. Creating your community can be time-consuming, but it's a great way to get known at a lower cost. Do not hesitate to hire a community manager if you want to help you. The important thing is to favor a resource well aware of the spirit and values of your company.