• Redditors predict "Far Cry 5," Uncharted: Lost Legacy" and "Sekiro" for PS Plus on April
  • "Far Cry 5" is likely to go free due to the upcoming release of its sequel
  • "Lost Legacy" and "Sekiro" are not as likely to go free, but fans remain hopeful

PlayStation users are going all-in with game predictions for the incoming free PS Plus games for April, with a number of hard-hitting titles taking the top spots on wishlists.

These users at the r/PlayStationPlus subreddit are placing their bets on the inclusion of more AAA titles following March’s free “Final Fantasy 7 Remake” offer. Gamers assumed this title went up for grabs due to the reveal of “FF7R: Intergrade,” essentially serving as a promotion for the game’s PS5 version and the upcoming second part of the remake.

This move has caused many PlayStation fans to speculate that April’s list of free games will follow suit; “Far Cry 5” is one such game that people are hoping to get for free on PS Plus next month.

It’s somewhat likely that Ubisoft’s open-world shooter will be included in the free game lineup because of the upcoming release of “Far Cry 6.” The sixth game in the series will be releasing soon, with rumors that it might actually release in April, according to Tech Radar

If “FF7R” is to be taken into consideration, “Far Cry 5” might receive similar treatment.

Fans are expecting “Resident Evil 7” to go for free because of “RE Village’s” upcoming release, but the fact Capcom is selling both games in a bundle casts doubt on “RE7’s” inclusion for PS Plus next month.

Gamers are also predicting “Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice” for PS Plus in April due to rumors that it might go free on the Xbox Game Pass. Fans believe this might include PS Plus because of From Software’s affinity with PlayStation consoles.

“Uncharted: Lost Legacy” is also on the predictions list, but there’s nothing much to go around other than it’s a highly-requested game. “Lost Legacy” joins “Devil May Cry 5” as one of the games PS fans have been asking for, but no evidence point to either game possibly going free for April.

An official announcement regarding the final free games lineup should be coming soon as the tail-end of March approaches. Gamers can expect two or three more games apart from “Oddworld: Soulstorm” to go free for PS Plus next month, with a high chance of an extra game being included for PS4 players considering “Soulstorm” is only for PS5.

far cry 5
A typical example of the kind of rural American chaos players will find in 'Far Cry 5.' The game launched on March 27, 2018. Ubisoft