The Nielsen Co. took a close look at why gamers choose certain devices. Nielsen Co.

Consumers search for different qualities in different consoles, a recent Nielsen Co. survey found. For Sony PlayStation 4 owners, it’s all about the resolution, graphics and Blu-ray player. Nintendo Wii U owners love those devices because they’re child-friendly and capable of accessing Nintendo-exclusive content. And Xbox One owners love their Xbox One consoles because, well, they’re Xbox One consoles.

Nielsen took a close look at console owners in January. The company found a number of factors contributed to why those owners purchased specific video-game consoles. In its latest “Nielsen 360 Gaming Report,” it polled 4,400 respondents, according to GameSpot.

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PlayStation 4 players loved the device because of its large game library, graphics, Blu-ray player and fast processing, as well as its ability to meet the needs of a whole family.

Xbox One owners loved Microsoft’s eighth-generation console due to brand recognition, as well as its game library, innovative features and speedy processing.

Wii U owners loved the “fun factor” and “family-friendly” nature of Nintendo’s console. Its backward compatibility was also a major plus for the Wii U, since users can play previous-generation Wii games on the Wii U. Neither the PlayStation 4 nor the Xbox One allow much in the way of backward compatibility. The Wii U also features a plethora of child-friendly games, ranging from “Mario Kart 8” to “Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U.”