playstation 4
Gamers who owned both a PS3 and Xbox 360 are more likely to buy a PS4, a new survey shows. Courtesy/Sony

More gamers seem to be choosing Sony’s PS4 over Microsoft’s Xbox One. Though both consoles launched last November within a week of one another, Sony’s sales continue to climb as Microsoft struggles to catch up.

According to DealNews, a recent survey revealed that 35 percent of gamers who owned an Xbox 360 and PS3 chose to purchase Sony’s next-gen PlayStation 4, while only 23 percent opted for Microsoft’s Xbox One. This poll of 1,727 readers showed that while brand loyalty was certainly a factor for gamers who owned only one console from the previous generation, owners who possessed both consoles were more likely to choose the PS4. Of the 1,727 participants polled, 44 percent owned both a PS3 and Xbox 360.

“Frequently with advanced software-driven technology, consumers will feel inclined to remain within the environment that they're familiar and comfortable with,” DealNews said on Feb. 24. The site’s statistics show that only 42 percent of Xbox 360 owners chose to buy the Xbox One, while 51 percent of PS3 owners purchased the PS4.

Still, many Xbox 360 players hadn’t purchased any new console yet, citing the $499 price tag as the main reason.

“While diehard gamers will likely buy whichever console appeals to them at retail price, our survey suggests that Microsoft could draw more of its own budget-conscious fans into the next generation if it dropped the retail price on its latest console,” DealNews stated.” But given the fact that a high number of gamers are familiar with both platforms, Sony may continue to win over those swing gamers with better specs and a lower retail price.”

The launch of Respawn’s first-person shooter “Titanfall” on March 11 is reportedly helping Microsoft sell more Xbox One consoles, according to an inside source. Microsoft is also currently holding an exclusive discount where buyers can purchase “Titanfall” along with the Xbox One in a special bundle deal for a limited time.