playstation 4
The PS4 outsells the Xbox One again. Courtesy/Sony

According to June’s console sales report from New York City-based market research company NPD Group, Sony’s PlayStation 4 has outsold Microsoft’s Xbox One for six months straight. Though Microsoft launched a Kinect-less Xbox One on June 9 for $100 less than its original price of $499, it still can’t keep up with Sony (NYSE: SNE).

Video games analyst Liam Callahan also said gaming hardware sales increased significantly last month – by 106 percent.

“The 106 percent increase in hardware sales (vs. June 2013) was lifted entirely by console hardware sales, which were up by over 200 percent. The strong sales performance of console hardware helped to offset the declines seen in portable hardware,” Callahan said. He also discussed the popularity of both eighth-generation devices.

“Combined sales of Xbox One and PS4 are over 80 percent higher than the combined totals for Xbox 360 and PS3 – an indication of the strength of the start of this new console generation.”

NPD added that new physical video game sales across hardware, software and accessories increased by 24 percent over June last year.

“Nine out of the last 10 months saw year-over-year growth in new physical video game sales. While the new hardware launches were a major factor in overall new physical video game growth, the start of this year-over-year growth began in September 2013, two months before the Nov. 2013 launches of Xbox One and PS4. September and October 2013 year-over-year growth for overall new physical video game sales were driven by software increases,” Callahan explained.

Sony celebrated its success with a tweet from its official PlayStation account.

In May, Redmond, Washington-based Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) announced it would slash the price of its Xbox One, which hit shelves last November for $499. The device, which launched June 9 without the Kinect, increased sales last month. Though the multimedia company didn’t reveal the exact sales figures of its eighth-generation console, it did say the device’s sales more than doubled.

“Since the new Xbox One offering launched on June 9, we’ve seen sales of Xbox One more than double* in the U.S., compared to sales in May, and solid growth in Xbox 360 sales,” Microsoft said in a statement. The company said the data was based on internal information for the month and sell-through numbers.