• The demand for Sony's PlayStation 5 is so high that retailers normally run out of stock quickly
  • Consumers need to be careful when ordering the PS5 and its accessories from online retailers
  • One fan who ordered off eBay received an Xbox Series X controller instead of the DualSense controller they ordered

Sony’s latest gaming console, the PlayStation 5, is a real powerhouse in terms of performance. The demand for the new console and its accessories at the moment has gotten to a point where fans are resorting to buying from third-party retailers -- only for some to get scammed.

One consumer who was looking to get a DualSense controller for the new PlayStation 5 recently fell for one such scam, Comicbook reported.

This fan, a Redditor who goes by the name crihyde, bypassed Sony and other known retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy and Target and headed to eBay to look for a DualSense controller.

The buyer ordered one from an eBay seller, but instead of receiving the PS5 accessory, they got an Xbox Series X controller instead. The device was painted in the same color scheme as that of the DualSense -- a combination of white and black -- and came in DualSense controller packaging.

The Redditor shared an image of the Xbox Series X controller he received, alongside the DualSense controller packaging it was placed in. The two controllers looked very similar, save for some distinguishing characteristics differentiating one from the other.

For one, the Xbox controller’s joystick is black and located at the upper-left side. The Dualsense controller has a white-colored directional pad in the same place. Its black-colored joystick is located near the bottom center.

Users will find more details differentiating between the two. These include the differences in how buttons look, as well as the overall shape and design of the controllers. Those who play using an Xbox and a PlayStation will know the difference.

One of the world’s largest online selling platforms, eBay hosts a variety of sellers offering all sorts of products, including the PS5 and its accessories. Sadly, it also hosted the seller who scammed the fan, and perhaps others as well.

The supply problems might cause consumers to want to get PS5 consoles and accessories from other retailers. Consumers must be very careful when doing so as they might fall victim to a scam as well.

Unlike the PlayStation 5, whose release will be staggered in different countries from Thursday, the Xbox Series X hit the shelves worldwide
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