In the age of YouTube, we no longer have to worry that no one will believe that tale about that one time you caught a 500 pound fish. Jon Black, from the Crazy Lure Tackle shop, seems to be quite the avid fisherman and may go down in the history books after reeling in a massive Goliath Grouper. The fact the fish's impressive size is referenced in its name should be enough of a clue that Black was going to have a big challenge on his hands. The squeals of delight -- or maybe fear? -- help punctuate how special this Giant Goliath Grouper was for Black and his fellow fishermen.

The scene is pretty straightforward. Black is in his kayak in Sanibel, Florida armed with a custom Barrett rod, an Avett 50w reel for big game, straight cable line and leader witha 18/0 circle hook. Black was using canal tuna as bait when he felt that fateful tug. Atlantic Goliath Groupers can measure up to 9 feet and weigh up to 900 pounds. There are several videos of these fish pulling people out of boats and you can see the relief -- and exhaustion -- on the face of anyone who has reeled a grouper onto the boat.

"Our adrenaline filled Goliath Grouper fishing trips will push your physical strength, and mental attitude to the limit. You’ve never experienced a heavy tackle battle such as this. Captain Ben Chancey will equip you with an oversized, 130lb class rod with 4-600 lb. test mono fishing line and strap you in," reads the Chew on This Charter description of a Goliath Grouper fishing experience, which costs $1,000 for a full day trip or $700 for a half-day trip.

Black whoops and screams as he wrestles with the giant fish. As the goliath surfaces, its impressive size gets everyone excited. Unofficially, the grouper measured 83 inches long with an estimated weight of 552 pounds.