“Quantum Break” fans who have yet or do not want to upgrade their PC to Windows 10 can now rejoice, since Microsoft Studios and Remedy Entertainment have decided to make their hit action-adventure third-person shooter game available to PCs that are running Windows 7 and up.

On Wednesday, Xbox Wire’s Editor-in-Chief Will Tuttle announced on Xbox’s official news site that “Quantum Break” for PC and Xbox One will have a digital release on Steam alongside the retail release of “Quantum Break: Timeless Collector’s Edition.” Tuttle said that with the Steam release of the "Quantum Break," more players using different operating systems can now enjoy the hit video game.

Both the retail and digital releases will arrive on Sept. 14, with Steam furnishing an announcement page just for the Shawn Ashmore starrer. What makes the Steam release of “Quantum Break” even more exciting is the fact that the digital copy will not be exclusive to Windows 10 users only.

On the game’s Steam page, the minimum OS requirement indicated is Windows 7, and according to Gamespot this is not a typographical error because Remedy already confirmed that the digital release will work on Windows 7 and up, just like the “Timeless Collector’s Edition.” However, Steam specified that the Windows 7 OS should be running on 64-bit technology in order for the game to work and run smoothly.

“Quantum Break,” which is currently available in the Windows Store and Xbox Store, was quickly catapulted to fame since its release back in April because of its gameplay that is one part video game and one part live action. The storyline of the game follows protagonist Jack Joyce’s mission to defeating a nemesis who also has the same extraordinary abilities as him. The game features Ashmore as Joyce and Aidan Gillen as the villainous Paul Serene.

The digital release comes with the latest updates of the already released Windows 10 version, while the upcoming retail release is going to include a Making-of Blu-ray, a Making-of book, a soundtrack CD, two posters, a quickstart guide and the physical copy of the game encased in premium packaging, according to Engadget.

The “Quantum Break” digital release and the “Quantum Break: Timeless Collector’s Edition” retail version are slated for a Sept. 14 release. Each costs $39.99.