Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II was likened to an angry thundercloud by a Labour MP. Pictured: The Queen arrives for the state banquet in her honour at Schloss Bellevue palace on the second of the royal couple's four-day visit to Germany on June 24, 2015 in Berlin, Germany. Getty Images/Sean Gallup

Queen Elizabeth II was plagued with criticism following the death of Princess Diana on Aug. 31, 1997.

A Mori poll found out at that time that nearly one in four Britons thought that they would be better off in a republic because the royals were seen as remote and out of touch. The Queen, in particular, was accused of failing to capture the somber mood of the public following the Princess of Wales’ shocking demise.

Hours after the car accident, Her Majesty was also accused of conveying a business as usual stance when she took Prince William and Prince Harry to church at Balmoral in Scotland. She was also slammed for spending so much time in Scotland while tributes for Princess Diana were taking place at the Buckingham Palace.

In the book “The Wicked Wit of Queen Elizabeth II,” author Karen Dolby said that following the emotional outpouring after Princess Diana’s death, the monarchy was forced to adapt to the situation.

“The Queen learned to show more of the warmth and cheeriness, the human side of her character that friends and family who were close to her had always known was there,” she wrote.

But after her meeting with Richard Crossman, a Labour MP and diarist, it was revealed that the monarch seemed a little bit too shy. She said that the Queen had the ability to laugh with her whole face and she cannot just do a mere smile because she’s a very spontaneous person.

“When she is deeply moved and tries to control it, she looks like an angry thundercloud,” he said.

And on Sept. 6, 1997, the Queen showed her bad temper when she addressed Princess Diana’s death one week after the accident. She reportedly broke royal protocol when she gave a speech to the public because she seemingly misjudged the mood of the royal fans.

It was previously revealed that the Queen and Princess Diana didn’t always have a good relationship with each other. There were several times when Her Majesty didn’t know how to deal with Princess Diana’s emotional outbursts.