Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles
Queen Elizabeth II distance from Prince Charles was made evident during one public event years ago. Pictured: The Queen, Prince Charles attend the Royal British Legion Festival of Remembrance at the Royal Albert Hall on November 10, 2018 in London, England. Getty Images/Chris Jackson

Queen Elizabeth II once humiliated her young son Prince Charles while they were at a public event.

In the documentary “Princes of the Palace,” writer and broadcaster Penny Junor said that Prince Charles never developed a close bond with Her Majesty. The future King grew up introverted and introspective in his childhood because he was distant from his mom. His dad, Prince Philip, simply did not get him either.

But Prince Charles and the Queen’s distance from each other became even more evident when the monarch seemingly snubbed her young son during a public event. Following a lengthy royal tour abroad, the Queen was welcomed by the crowds as she stepped out of a train a Paddington Station.

Prince Charles was one of the members of the royal family that waited for the Queen’s arrival. When Her Majesty saw her eldest child, she failed to show any affection towards Prince Charles. The Queen simply shook her son’s hand after giving him a brief kiss on the cheek.

Chris Hutchins, a royal author who spoke in the documentary, said (via Express), “What does that say? It says ‘where’s my mommy?’”

One of the reasons for Prince Charles and the Queen’s lack of bond had to do with the fact that the Duke of Cornwall was taken away from his mom 10 days after he was born because the Queen had measles. The Queen also veered away from visiting her son in the nursery because she feared Prince Charles’ “dragon nanny” Helen Lightbody.

Growing up, Prince Charles developed a close relationship with his grandmother the Queen Mother. After the latter died in 2002 at the age of 102, Prince Charles admitted that he dreaded the day that his grandmother will no longer be with him.

“To me she meant everything. And I had dreaded, dreaded this moment. Above all, she saw the funny side in everything and we laughed until we cried. And oh, how I shall miss those laughs,” he said (via Express).