Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II leaves The Thistle Service at St Giles Cathedral on July 6, 2018 in Edinburgh, Scotland. Getty Images/Chris Jackson

Queen Elizabeth II’s eating habits have been revealed by Darren McGrady, her former royal chef.

McGrady cooked the meals of the royal family between 1982 and 1993 so he learned a lot of things about the Queen. He said that the monarch typically ate grilled or poached fish, which she accompanied with vegetables or salad. The Queen is also not a fan of potatoes and starch.

The former royal chef also said that the Queen could actually eat whatever she likes but she sticks to her meal plan. “That’s it. That’s all she has. She’s very disciplined like that. She could have anything she wanted, but it is this discipline that keeps her so well and so healthy,” he said (via Express).

McGrady also said that Her Majesty eats to live rather than lives to eat. “The chefs and food in the kitchen come last. They’re still using pots and pans from the 1800s, with the Queen Victoria stamp on them, at Buckingham Palace,” he said.

Throughout his time in the palace, McGrady asked the Queen a couple of times if they could buy new kitchen equipment, and her answer was always no. The mom of four prefers to use her money on horses, saddles, and dogs.

Last year, McGrady told The Telegraph that the Queen is not a foodie. Twice a week, Mark Flanagan, the head chef of the royal household, gives the monarch menu options to choose from. She ticks off whatever she like to eat throughout that week.

For breakfast, Prince William and Prince Harry’s grandmother consumes a cup of tea without milk or sugar. She also eats cookies and cereals with fruits. Every now and then, the Queen would change up her breakfast menu by eating a toast, smoked salmon, or scrambled eggs.

Her lunch consists of fish, vegetables, and a glass of alcohol. The Queen is also a huge fan of afternoon tea. And her dinner consists of either lamb, roast beef, or salmon.