Queen Elizabeth II had a lot of pastimes growing up. But as she got older, she has retained some of the things that she has always been passionate about.

In the book “The Other Side of the Coin,” author and the Queen’s senior dresser, Angela Kelly, revealed that Her Majesty is passionate about astronomy. And she also enjoyed star-gazing.

But after Kelly purchased a telescope, the Queen only encouraged her to find the most beautiful stars in the sky but she didn’t join her on her escapade. Instead, the monarch jus asked one of her protection officers to escort Kelly to make sure that she will be safe.

“I'd always loved star-gazing and I find it a very calming experience. The Queen shared this passion and we looked out of the window into the darkness together. She pointed out the various constellations — the Plough, Ursa Major, and Cassiopeia,” Kelly said.

The Queen thought I was crazy and was reluctant to let me drive there alone, so she asked one of her duty protections officers to escort me,” she said.

Her Majesty and Kelly shared a very close relationship with each other. And until today, they regard each other as friends. The senior dresser revealed that while they were in Singapore, the Queen claimed tax back on the fabrics that Kelly bought for her.

“The Queen likes to support local people wherever she visits, but we have a particular tradition whenever we go to Singapore. There’s never enough time to go to the market, but as Her Majesty loves Singaporean silk, local tradespeople bring their stalls to the airport when she is due to arrive so that she can personally browse all they have to offer,” Kelly said.

Once the Queen lays her eyes on the colorful fabric that she wants to buy, she would signal to Kelly so she could purchase them for her. Kelly said that her job is to foot the bill on behalf of the monarch.

Britain's Queen Elizabeth II
Britain's Queen Elizabeth II announced a list of new bills ranging from implementing a yet-to-be finalized EU divorce agreement to criminal sentencing. POOL/Tolga Akmen