Queen Mother
Queen Mother broke royal protocol at Christian Dior's private fashion show. Pictured: The Queen Mother celebrates her 100th birthday from the balcony of Buckingham Palace 04 August 2000. Getty Images/Ian Waldi/AFP

The Queen Mother reportedly urged designer Christian Dior to break royal protocol due to a shocking reason.

Kathryn Knight, a journalist for Express, claimed that research for the Victoria and Albert Museum’s exhibition on the French designer unveiled details of a private show held for the Queen Mother and Princess Margaret in 1950.

During the show, the models were initially instructed to walk backward since this was the protocol in the company for royalties. However, the Queen Mother asked the models to break protocol and to walk away from her and Princess Margaret because she wanted to see the backs of the dresses properly.

One year before the private show, Princess Margaret visited Dior’s Paris fashion house, where she ordered a daringly strapless white tulle dress with a large bow at the back. Princess Margaret reportedly loved Dior and she even forged a close relationship with the designer.

For her 21st birthday in 1951, Princess Margaret wore a stunning white embroidered ball gown and called it her favorite dress of all time. The gown is being loaned to the V&A from the Museum of London after vital conservation work.

Elly Summer, the curator of last year’s Royal Women exhibition at Bath’s Fashion Museum, said that Princess Margaret had a little more freedom in what she was able to wear compared to Queen Elizabeth II.

While speaking with Grazia, she said, “She was very interested in fashion, certainly in a different way to the generations before her. Both Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother very much chose to buy British, and while Margaret was also a great patron of Norman Hartnell, who designed a suite of dresses for Princess Elizabeth’s wedding, she could also go to Paris and wear Parisian couture, and that was OK.”

In related news, the Queen Mother also made headlines recently after it was revealed that she got upset with Prince Andrew and Prince Edward over the show “The Grand Knockout.”