Rainbow Six Siege has always been a fun but inconsistent online experience due to unresolved server problems. In light of these shortcomings, Ubisoft has announced a new initiative called Operation Health. It may fix your connection and matchmaking issues, but it will drastically impact the rest of year 2.

Essentially what’s going to happen is that Ubisoft will spend all of May, June and July addressing three main areas: technological improvements, deployment process and bugfix sprints. When all’s said and done, servers will hopefully be faster, more reliable and easier to recover in case of emergency. To ensure these and all future changes are ready for prime time, they’ll be deployed on the Technical Test Server first, followed by PC and consoles. This rollout plan will take longer to complete but will ultimately offer more stable results.

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Because so much time will be spent addressing infrastructure problems, however, the game will receive no major noncosmetic content updates until August. The highlight of that month will be the two Hong Kong Operators and map that infamously leaked some time ago. It also means the map associated with the Polish season has been canceled entirely to “prioritize the game’s health over adding new content.” Instead, its two Operators will come to the game in August and November. Because season pass owners are still getting the eight Operators they were originally promised, there will be no compensation for the change.

Here’s a full schedule for those who want it:

  • May - July: Operation Health
  • August: Two Hong Kong Operators, one Poland Operator, a new map and new weapons
  • September: Mid-season Reinforcements to balance gameplay
  • November: Two South Korea Operators, one Poland Operator, a new map and new weapons.
  • December: Mid-season Reinforcements to balance gameplay

As those who follow Rainbow Six Siege closely will know, Operation Health is far from the first time Ubisoft has tried to resolve the game’s server-based issues. Just last week we mentioned that steps were being taken to shorten extended matchmaking and queue times. Knowing what we know today, this was probably the start of the networking overhaul. About a year ago, efforts also were made to reduce cheating and to provide a better overall user experience. Operation Health has similar goals with a much broader plan to achieve them.

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In an effort to be more transparent with the Rainbow Six Siege community, Operation Health will be the focus of a panel during the Pro League finals on May 21. During that time, those in attendance will be able to ask developers about the game’s future. Afterward, a public Operation Health hub with detailed progress updates will go live.

Rainbow Six Siege is available now on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

What do you think of Operation Health? Are you willing to delay Operators and cancel maps if it makes the game better? Tell us in the comments section!