Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj posing on the red carpet of the TIME 100 Gala in Manhattan, New York on April 26, 2016. Reuters/Shannon Stapleton

Remy Ma's former close friend, Rashidah "Rah" Ali, spoke out about rumors that she has been siding with Nicki Minaj in the ongoing beef between the two rappers. On Tuesday, the "Love & Hip Hop: New York" cast member said that she did not betray Remy and that there was no tension between the two.

Remy and Rah’s friendship had “been scarce for some time,” but they "weren’t on bad terms,” Rah said in an interview with TMZ Live.

Rah also mentioned that Remy wasn't by her side during her own Love & Hip Hop drama, and doesn’t believe in “aligning yourself with beef” on the strength of friendship.

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“I’m going to be loyal and good to who’s loyal and good to me,” Rah said, adding that she has known Minaj for years and adores and respects her. The "Anaconda" singer has been very “supportive” of Rah’s career, she said.

“Nicki and I met each other several years ago,” Rah explained. “We both like each other’s photos and comment on Instagram we also have mutual friends. I shouldn’t have to hide my friendship with her just because Remy and her have a beef.”

While talking about an Instagram picture, which Minaj shared earlier this week that sparked rumors that she was supporting Meek Mill's ex-girlfriend in the beef with Remy, Rah said that the photo was taken a couple of weeks ago.

“People can think whatever they want to think,” she continued. “I’ve not said on single bad thing about Remy. I wouldn’t put her business in the street.”

Just after the Instagram photo was posted on Minaj's Instagram, several fans raised questions about Rah's loyalty towards her "Love & Hip Hop : New York" co-star Remy.

“It is important for people to know that the deterioration of my friendship with Remy Ma took place during season 6 of ‘Love and Hip Hop.’ I want people to know that what they watched unfold was in no way staged or scripted and that I truly felt betrayed by Remy at the time,” Rah said in a statement. “I am not working with Nicki out of spite or payback. Nicki and I were friendly long before the ra beef unfolded with Remy.”