• Razer has released a new chewing gum for gamers in partnership with 5 Gum from Mars Wrigley
  • The company previously released a drink specially designed for gamers
  • Razer is known for its gaming peripherals

Razer, a brand most known for its high-end gaming peripherals and gaming phones, is now releasing its latest offering for all gamers: a chewing gum.

Razer, in partnership with 5 Gum from Mars Wrigley, has created the Respawn by 5 Gum. This product, which the peripheral company calls a “mental performance booster” on its website, is a sugar-free chewable that helps players focus on their game.

The new product is meant to be taken by gamers anywhere and is created to help them perform well, especially in competitive play.

Respawn by 5 comes in three different flavors – cool mint, pomegranate watermelon and tropical punch. All flavors are sold for the same price.

Razer is selling them for $27.99 per box, containing 150 sticks of gum in total. These are divided into 10 packs, each containing 15 pieces of gum, allowing players to carry the gum with them wherever the games take them.

The new Respawn by 5 chewing gum is a new venture for the company. This falls in the same category as Razer's Respawn drink, which was also designed to help players focus on their game.

According to Razer, the Respawn by 5 gum only contains 5 calories and is packed with vitamin B3 (Niacin), vitamin B5 (Pantothenic acid), vitamin B6 and vitamin B12. These, along with green tea extract, help stimulate the player's mind and provide them with the energy and focus they need to win their games.

Unlike energy drinks, however, the Respawn by 5 gum does not have nasty side effects, especially those that appear when the effects of such energy drinks wear off. All players have to do after chewing the gum is dispose of it properly.

“RESPAWN was created to address the clear market for food and beverage products in gaming that help players maintain focus and mental agility during gameplay, without the intense rush provided by many energy products,” Sean Driscoll, senior product evangelist for Respawn Ltd, said in a press release.

“Mars Wrigley brings with them immense experience and market leadership in the gum category and was a perfect partner for our new consumable line,” he added.

Razer's new Respawn by 5 is the first gamer gum of its kind and is designed to let players get the help they need when they need it. Similar products might arrive in the future, but players will know that the gaming accessories company was the first to release one.

Respawn by 5 Razer's new Respawn by 5 chewing gum Photo: Razer