• The update introduces new content and general improvements to the game
  • The maps are listed as "test maps" and are expected to be janky or unoptimized
  • The AI for all NPCs has received significant improvements

The first major update for the popular and somewhat controversial SWAT simulator “Ready or Not” has just arrived with a slew of new content and general improvements.

Void Interactive’s first update for the game introduced some much-needed new content, including three maps, four primary weapons, a bunch of updated weapon models and sounds and a plethora of other updates that should greatly increase the game’s overall quality, from graphical improvements to networking and balancing improvements.

The three new maps include Valley, Fast Food and Penthouse, although the latter is still marked as “work in progress.” Apart from these maps, existing ones like 213 Park Homes and the Wenderly Hills Hotel have received some updates in the form of new areas, adjusted NPCs, additional scenarios and other minor tweaks designed to improve map flow.

On top of these, three new rifles and one non-lethal weapon were added to the game: the Mk. 16, SLR 47, BCM MK1 and the R7 Launcher.

The Mk. 16 and MK1 are 5.56mm rifles, which means that both weapons should feel the same as the other available guns of the same caliber. Meanwhile, the SLR 47 is based on a modernized AKS-74U, which presumably fires the larger 7.62mm cartridge. The R7 is an AR-15 platform that’s fitted to fire non-lethal pepperball rounds.

Ready or Not - Mk. 16
Ready or Not - Mk. 16 VOID Interactive

Players can also expect some better AI across the board. Suspects, civilians and NPC SWAT units received a few tweaks to their behavior.

Suspects now have improved reaction times and reduced accuracy on their first three shots, which should make breaching a bit more realistic and forgiving. They also have a new Hesitation mechanic that should result in more tense encounters, and they are now able to return fire when they get shot through walls.

SWAT team members now have improved map navigation, and they will now always return fire when they take damage. Additionally, SWAT units will check if suspects are trying to draw a gun or fake surrendering.

Civilian morale has been reduced, which should make them more compliant when shot with less-than-lethal options like pepper spray or melee hits.

As for backend improvements, players can expect fewer graphical glitches, better frame rates and smoother network connections.