• Place mod files in the "Ready Or Not" installation folder
  • Some mods may require files to be replaced
  • Be sure to make backups of files before replacing any of them

Despite being an early access title, VOID Interactive’s “Ready Or Not” is already seeing a few mods that address some of the game’s problems while adding some cool, new user-made content to spice up the experience for veteran players.

From simple QoL mods to ones that unlock some otherwise inaccessible weapons, the modding community is up to some amazing things that all players can enjoy. Here’s a quick guide on how to install mods in the early access version of “Ready Or Not.”

How To Install Mods

There aren’t any complicated steps required to install mods for this game. Once the desired mods are downloaded, do the following:

  1. Navigate to the “Ready Or Not” game installation folder under Steam
  2. Go to “ReadyOrNotContentPaks” and unzip all .pak files there
  3. Run the game and enjoy the mods

The instructions apply to most mods available for the game as of late. However, some mods will require players to replace existing files found in different folders. Mods that replace voice lines or weapon sounds typically need to replace the original files. Should this be the case, be sure to make backups of any .pak files to keep the game from breaking.

Where To Download Mods

So far, modders have been uploading their files over at Nexus Mods and the dedicated ronmods website. Most of the mods on each platform seem to be the same either way, but there might be a few mods on one site that aren’t present on the other, so be sure to check them out.

Ready Or Not rewards slow and thorough procedures when entering high-risk scenarios
Ready Or Not rewards slow and thorough procedures when entering high-risk scenarios Ready Or Not

Recommended Mods

Perhaps one of the best mods available for “Ready Or Not” right now is the “Improved Gameplay” mod by khaosmaou, which changes a few gameplay elements and the behavior of the AI. The difficulty now depends on the “type” of suspect in a raid; common thugs and gangsters will have slower reaction times and worse accuracy than trained militants and organized criminals, for example.

Another mod that players may want is “Inaccessible Weapons Unlocked,” which gives players access to a few unreleased weapons like the AK-102 and the MPL submachine gun.