Kandi Burruss, Todd Tucker
Kandi Burruss, photographed alongside husband Todd Tucker during the 2014 American Music Awards in November 2014, recently shared the secret to making her marriage work. Getty Images

Kandi Burruss and husband Todd Tucker may have had a rough first year, but now the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” couple say their marriage is stronger than ever. The hardworking pair have had to dig deep, but they’ve finally found a creative solution to their marriage problems that’s worked for them.

During an appearance on “The Dr. Oz Show,” Kandi shared that, after unsuccessfully trying marriage counseling among other things, she and Todd have developed a two week rule. According to the agreement, which they put in place to remedy their separation issues, they cannot be apart for more than 14 days.

“We came up with our own thing,” she told Dr. Oz. “Basically we will not go more than two weeks without being together. It’s mandatory. One of us has to figure out how to get to the other within the two weeks.”

As you may recall, during Season 7 of “RHOA,” Kandi and Todd struggled to keep their fledgling marriage on track. They spent much of the season arguing as the stress of being newlyweds, trying to have a baby of their own and their busy work schedules built up. Kandi frequently expressed her fear that Todd may be cheating on her during his time on the West Coast for work and suggested that they should consider seeking therapy for their various issues. After just one session they decided to call it quits.

With their marriage finally headed in the right direction, Kandi and Todd are preparing to begin filming a new reality TV spinoff, tentatively titled “Meet The Tuckers.” The show will presumably follow them through the trials and tribulations of marriage, including their struggle to get pregnant. As we previously reported they recently decided to get more serious about their efforts to have a child. Kandi is currently said to be undergoing in vitro fertilization, though she has not yet shared how those treatments are going.