Just because this season of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" is over doesn't mean the drama is. The ladies reunited on the Bravo TV stage tonight to give viewers an update on their lives, rehash old issues and attempt to mend the many damaged relationships within the group. Unfortunately a majority of the Beverly Hills housewives were not ready to forgive and forget just yet. Despite previous rumors claiming otherwise, all of the "Housewives" were in attendance at the taping of the reunion special, though Yolanda Foster was forced to leave early due to complications with her condition. The former supermodel has struggled openly for many seasons after being diagnosed with Lyme's Disease. With Yolanda gone and only Kim Richards in her corner, part one of the reunion special was largely focused on Brandi Glanville and the women's various different issues with her throughout Season 5. As we previously reported, things got ugly as Kyle Richards, Eileen Davidson, Lisa Rinna and Lisa Vanderpump aired out their grievances with their controversial cast mate. 

Early into the reunion host Andy Cohen discussed Brandi's relationship with Yolanda, noting that the 51-year-old had tried to serve as a sort of peacemaker between her and the rest of the women. Unfortunately her efforts were futile. Andy recalled Yolanda going to Brandi early in the season about claims the single mother of two had been drinking a lot and was "an angry drunk." Brandi denied the claims then and denied them during the reunion, saying she only really drinks to deal with her co-stars. This prompted the women to attack both Brandi and Yolanda's constant defending of her. 

"I think she makes excuses for Brandi," Lisa V. told Andy of their relationship before pointing out the many low-blows Brandi has taken at Yolanda.

Brandi continued to deny the allegations being made against her, saying the rest of the cast holds her to a different standard than they hold each other. She claimed the rest of the cast partakes in alcohol, as well as other vices, but that no one ever talks about that. Andy then confronted her about comments made by Eileen about her demeanor when she's been drinking. Earlier in the season the "Real Housewives" newcomer said she felt Brandi was aggressive when she drank. Brandi again brushed off the comments, saying, "I think it depends on the company."

The 42-year-old's defensive behavior didn't stop there. Later in the episode, a question from viewers prompted a discussion about Lisa R.'s alleged eating disorder. The actress claimed she had lost weight after her parent's got sick during filming. She assured Andy she was trying her best to put the weight back on and was not battling unhealthy eating habits. Andy then directed the conversation to Brandi, asking her opinion on the matter since she had previously spoken on Lisa's weight, calling her out for being too thin. Brandi denied to comment, but did say that she had never seen Lisa eat around her. She then brought the conversation back to her drinking, saying she would not project her negative opinions on the other women like they had her. Lisa revealed that, although she didn't bring it up during the season, Brandi had called her an "anorexic old hag" in a text message. Brandi denied making the comments, saying if she had called her that it was purely in jests. 

Kyle rushed to Lisa's defense, saying she and the other Beverly Hills Housewives weren't the only ones discussing Brandi's alleged drinking problem. The 46-year-old brought up photos from Brandi's birthday in 2013, showing the housewife being held up by friends after having one too many cocktails. In the photos she is clearly intoxicated and her dress is up, exposing her lower half. This lead to yet another screaming match between the pair, reminiscent of the one that occurred early in the season at Eileen's poker party. 

In an attempt to move the conversation forward, Andy began discussing Brandi's various attempts to get back in Lisa Vanderpump's good graces. As he points out, Brandi tried during numerous episodes to reconcile with her former friend, but was not successful. 

"I went into it with high hopes and willing to do everything," Brandi said. 

When Andy brought up the infamous slap, Brandi said she felt Lisa V. was being dramatic about the entire situation. She told the host she knew from the moment it happened Lisa V. would try to capitalize on it, using it as an excuse to hate her indefinitely. Lisa V. kept her cool despite Brandi's refusal to accept responsibility for her actions, saying only, "she just takes things too far."

Somehow the conversation shifted from the failed reconciliation, to rumors Brandi apparently spread to Lisa V. Clips from the incident show Brandi alleging that Kyle had told her that Lisa V. was having an affair with her trainer. During the show, in the presence of nearly the entire cast, Kyle denied ever saying that, sending Brandi into a tailspin. She then claimed that was merely the tip of the iceberg and Kyle had not only said that she was having an extramarital affair, but that she was bankrupt and living in Calabasas. This erupted into a name-calling cat fight between the pair, during which Kyle begged this question:

"Where does your hate come from?"

While she initially stated that she was not a hateful person, Brandi later told Kyle she hates her, adding that she is "a horrible liar" and that she finds her "disgusting." The two concede that they will never be friends and leave it at that - for now.

Previews for parts two and three of the reunion show there is far more in store than viewers may be ready for. Brandi is far from done discussing her issues, Kim and Kyle will finally discuss what really ended their friendship and Lisa R. will finally confront Kim with the age old question, "What did Harry do?"

Be sure to tune in to part two of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" reunion special next Tuesday at 9 p.m. EDT.