Articles by Cole Stangler

Cole covers labor and the workplace. His reporting has also appeared in In These TimesThe NationThe New Republic and VICE.


Minimum Wage Fight Pits States Against Cities

Alabama is the latest state to consider a so-called pre-emption law blocking cities — such as Birmingham, which recently adopted a $10.10 minimum wage — from enacting higher pay floors.

'One Tragedy, Two Victims'

Protesters say a former New York City officer convicted in the death of Akai Gurley has been made a scapegoat.

Big Oil And The Urge To Merge

Analysts expect depressed oil prices to unleash a wave of mergers and acquisitions throughout the energy industry — but that hasn't happened yet.

Faith And Work Don’t Always Mix

In recent weeks, Muslim workers in Wisconsin and Colorado have lost their jobs in disputes over prayer breaks, making advocates for Muslim rights nervous.

When An App Cuts Your Wages

Uber’s move last month to reduce fares was designed to aid an aggressive expansion plan. But instead it has triggered a driver backlash.