David Herbert

Meze Audio LIRIC Hands-on Review: Planar Magnetic Headphones for the Road

As the popularity of planar magnetic headphones increases, their makers are also increasingly expanding their forms. And Meze Audio's latest entry is an example of this: LIRIC is designed to change the typically large and heavy form factor of planars to a light and portable closed-back headphone - while not compromising the unique planar sound. How does this portable adaptation play out? Let's dive in to find out.

Audeze Euclid Closed-Back In-ear Monitor Hands-on Review: In-Ear Planar Magnetic Earphones

Audeze sets out to break out of its over-ear headphone mold with its in-ear planar earphone lineup. The revolution began with its LCDi series of peculiar looking earphones that look like tie-fighter wings, with the Euclid a re-think to the whole planar earphone solution that has a much more mainstream aesthetic. How do these in-ears headphones made by the planar maestros at Audeze perform compared to their over-head counterparts? Let's dive in to find out.

OPPO Find X5 Pro Hands-on Review: Ceramic Backed Flagship Android

Whereas for the OPPO Find X3 Pro, the Chinese phone company showcased a new way to build curves into glass that we've never seen before, for its latest flagship the Find X5 Pro, it has turned to ceramic - which is twice as hard as glass on the Vickers hardness scale. Can this phone be the one to do away with phone cases? Let's dive in to find out.

FiiO K9 Pro ESS Desktop DAC and Amplifier Hands-on Review: Flagship of a Different Kind

Having featured the K9 Pro AKM version in a previous review, we had the opportunity to also spend considerable time with the new ESS version and directly compare the two. Could the 'involuntary' design result in an improvement of the original design of the K9 Pro? Or will the ESS simply be a passing phase until AKM can get their production back on track? Let's dive in to find out.