Ukranian Model Valeria Lukyanova, better known as the Living Doll for her impossibly perfect curves and a real life Barbie look, has become an internet sensation in the past week and left people wondering if she is real.

Amidst her rise to fame and popularity, Uxbridge man Tony Oxley has emerged, claiming that Lukyanova tried to get money from me a couple weeks ago.

Oxley, who is reportedly a school board caretaker, says he has busted the scam of the real-life Barbie doll.

The 21-year-old model claimed to have undergone a plastic surgery to attain the Barbie doll look and has constantly uploaded her pictures on her Facebook page since April 21. Were those pictures photos fake?

It's all a scam and it is fake, said Tony Oxley says. This same woman tried to get money from me a couple weeks ago, reported Canada-based news website Edmonton Sun.

According to Oxley, Lukyanova and himself got in tough via emails earlier this month when Lukyanova found Oxley , her true love, and asked him for money to come down to Canada and be with him.

I played her along for a little while and she sent me more pictures. She then wanted $900 to buy airline tickets to come to Canada to be with me, said Oxley, according to the website.

Oxley also has handed over a few pictures of Lukyanova to QMI Agency, which he says is sent by her to him expressing her love and asking for money. Some of the pictures, are apparently the same ones that she has uploaded on her Facebook page.

I don't think she is real, and I am convinced she is a scam targeting people, he said Saturday. People should be careful and not send money to anyone they meet by email.

Oxley also added that the model wanted him to transfer money via Western Union since it was the quickest way for the lovers to be together, says the report.

Oxley, it seems, did not continue being in touch with her after she asked for money and apparently had hopes for a Malibu Barbie Beach House.

After Lukyanova's pictures went viral on the internet and much criticism from the public for her looks, the model, who also claims to be a music composer and an Opera singer, posted a response video on YouTube.

She claims to have written more than 70 songs and says that her figure is not a result of any surgery but is purely because she does not smoke or drink and takes good care of herself. She calls herself a spiritual person and is upset that the media is focusing on her looks and not on the fact that she is a talented singer.