Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber admits to almost quitting music because of Mariah Yeater Reuters

A YouTube video featuring teen pop sensation Justin Bieber and RJ Ryan Seacrest is going viral. The hilarious video was, in fact, done by Bieber to help his friend Seacrest get 100 million YouTube hits.

In the video, Bieber and Seacrest are talking about ideas for increasing the viewership of Seacrest's YouTube channel. The 37-year-old radio and television personality has around 400 videos uploaded on his channel.

Bieber, 18, is seen using different props in the video which appear to be shot at Ryan Seacrest's studio. He is also showing some dance moves. Seacrest asks Bieber Can I put you in a video? You're big online.

Bieber agrees, but says that having him alone in the video won't suffice. Sure, but you're going to need something else, he says, and suggests having puppies or babies to get the video popular. Bieber also suggests having someone singing a cover of Katy Perry's latest hit Part of Me.

In the end, comedienne Kathy Griffin makes a short appearance asking them both to join her in a cleanse.

Check out the video below: