Articles by Lauren Lyons Cole
Brexit travel

The Brexit Travel Discount

Travelers struggling to make sense of Britain’s unexpected vote to leave the European Union will find a silver lining.

Will Brexit Impact Your 401(k)?

Global markets were shocked by the Brexit vote, and your 401(k) balance is likely to take a hit. Here’s how to invest moving forward.
netflix subscription

Are Subscriptions Busting Your Budget?

More businesses are embracing the subscription economy, a move with both good and bad repercussions for consumers. Here’s how to optimize your accounts.
Successful Entrepreneurs

From Etsy To Millions

Few businesses launched by female entrepreneurs pass $1 million in sales. But Starla Tyler, founder of Little Cosmetics, beat the odds.
best places to retire

Where US Expats Get Bang For Their Buck

If the idea of Donald Trump becoming U.S. president has you thinking about a move to Canada, you may want to consider one of these budget-friendly countries instead.



Thanksgiving History: Where Did It All Begin?

Thanksgiving is a national holiday celebrated annually to remember the alliance between the Plymouth colonists and the Wampanoag people in 1621. Today, Americans view Thanksgiving as a day to...