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2012 Grammy Awards: Jennifer Hudson to Honor Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston, pop music icon and one of the most awarded female singers of all time, died yesterday afternoon at the age of 48. Members of Houston's entourage found her unconscious in a bathtub at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. Houston was pronounced dead at 3:55 p.m. The 54th annual Grammy Award show takes place just one day after the untimely death of one of America's most celebrated singers.

Whitney Houston Death: Police Seal Room, Seek Warrant, Proceed with Caution

Whitney Houston, the pop music icon, died yesterday afternoon at the age of 48. Members of Houston's entourage found her unconscious in a bathtub at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. Houston was pronounced dead at 3:55 p.m. Policed have sealed off the room that Houston died in and will not enter until the obtain a search warrant according to TMZ. Police would like to conduct a thorough search of the room that Houston died in and are obtaining a warrant to proceed with caution.

Whitney Houston's Final Days: Singer Parties Heavily Night Before Death

Whitney Houston, the beloved pop icon, died yesterday afternoon at the age of 48. Members of her entourage found her body at the Beverly Hilton Hotel unconscious and in a bathtub. Beverly Hilton hotel employees have told TMZ that Houston had partied heavily with a group of friends at the hotel the night before her death.

Pinterest: 5 Things to Know about the New Social-Media Platform

Pinterest recently became one of the top five social networks on the Web in terms of weekly visits. For a quick rundown of all the things you need to know about Pinterest, we've gathered the most pertinent information about the hottest new social-media platform on the Web.

Whitney Houston Dies at 48: Her Top Five Singles of All Time [VIDEOS]

Whitney Houston, the two-time Emmy Award-winning, six-time Grammy Award-winning, 30-time Billboard Music Award-winning and 22-time American Music Award-winning artist has died at the age of 48. Houston was known as the Queen of Pop by many in the music industry, for her powerful voice and ability to turn a song into a commercial success.

Apple MacBook Pro: Outselling All, Will Be Redesigned Anyway

It's hard to sift through the rumors circulating about Apple products, but Apple Insider, a company dedicated to doing just that, is reporting on that people familiar with Apple's roadmap have some big news coming from the Cupertino-based company: The Macbook Pro will be radically redesigned by the end of this year.

Maldives Political Upheaval: What it means for China, India and the United States

The Maldives--a small string of islands in the Indian Ocean that boasts surreal beachfronts and extraordinary getaways--is full of destruction and chaos as it undergoes a tumultuous political upheaval. Nations such as the United States, China and India could be dramatically affected by the instability in the Maldives, and each has responded in a different way.

Can Google's ‘Home Entertainment System’ Compete with Apple iTV?

The battle for the control of the living room has begun. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Google is building a home-entertainment system that streams music wirelessly through the home. The announcement from Google comes as rumors about Apple's television set, dubbed iTV, have started to surface.

Hasbro Adopts Zynga Characters for Toys, Board Games

Hasbro--the multinational toy and board game company that owns brands such as Candyland, Play-Doh, Mr. Potato Head, NERF, Monopoly, Ouiji and more--will be partnering with the leading social media game creator, Zynga, in order to produce new toys.

Google, Amazon Steal Strategy from Apple, Open Brick-and-Mortar Stores

The tech giants of Silicon Valley appear to be chasing after Apple's brick-and-mortar sales model: Earlier this week, rumors began to leak about the possibility of an Amazon brick-and-mortar store opening in Seattle. Google has followed up with an announcement of creating a store in Dublin, Ireland.

FBI File on Steve Jobs: Reality Distortion, Sculley Fight and More

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has posted a 191-page file on its website concerning the background investigation of the founder of Apple, Steve Jobs. Jobs was being considered for a presidential appointment to the President's Export Council of George Bush Sr. in 1991.

Google Screenwise: Is Your Internet Privacy Worth $5 or $100?

What is the value of your web usage data--everything you browse, search, click, view late at night, stumble upon or otherwise see on the internet--during the course of one month? If you ask Google, they'd say between $5 and $100, depending on exactly who that user is.

Chrome for Android: Advertising Goldmine, Google Tracks Data from Desktop to Phone

Here's another reason for all of Android users to be jealous of the tiny percentage of people that are running Android Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0 or higher) on their phones: Google Chrome is now available on all ICS devices. The new browser will allow Google to trove data across several devices, giving them an opportunity to trove more data and increase advertising revenue.

Perez Hilton Petitions to get The Muppets on The Oscars, Where to Find Online Petition

The Academy Awards has released its list of award nominees, and like clockwork, media outlets are fuming about how certain actors and actresses were ripped off. But what if those actors and actresses were actually Muppets? That happens to be the case for popular celebrity and entertainment blogger Perez Hilton, who has created a petition to get the Muppets on the Oscars.

Amazon, Viacom Hash Out Deal Amid Video Streaming Ballyhoo

There's been a lot of news coming from streaming video services recently. Earlier this week, Redbox, the movie rental service, announced a new joint venture with Verizon through which the companies will offer a streaming video service. Not to be outdone, Amazon has announced a deal with Viacom, Inc. that will allow Amazon Prime members to stream TV shows from Viacom-owned television stations such as Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, TV Land, Spike, VH1, BET, CMT, MTV and others.

Jimmy Kimmel Video Prank: Unplug the TV During the Super Bowl [VIDEO]

Jimmy Kimmel is known for pulling cruel on children, such as when he asked parents to tell their children they ate all the Halloween candy or when he asked parents to give their children terrible presents for Christmas. Now Kimmel is pranking full-grown adults and getting them to act like children. In his latest prank video compilation, Kimmel has asked people around the country to unplug to the television during the Super Bowl.

Amazing Spider-Man Trailer 2: Peter Parker, Emma Stone Kiss, Lizard First Look [VIDEO]

There's another official trailer for the Amazing Spider-Man, the reboot of the popular Marvel Comics series due to hit theaters in July 3, 2012. While the first trailer largely focused on Peter Parker's transformation into Spider-Man, the second trailer focused on his relationships with other characters in the film including the main villain, his professor Dr. Curt Connors, who eventually transforms into The Lizard.

How Addicting is Zynga’s Mafia Wars?: Alleged Employee Speaks Out

For many Facebook users, it's hard to understand how someone could waste so much time building a fictional farm or organized crime family on either of Zynga's social media games Farmville and Mafia Wars. What may be even more difficult to understand is how one Mafia Wars player allegedly spent $100,000 on the game.

Apple TV: Rumors Fly as Best Buy Gauges Interest

Ever since Apple founder Steve Jobs passed away in late 2011, the rumor mill has been turning about whether Apple would release a new device attempting disrupt the television industry. Among a flurry of reports about the device, Best Buy is gauging interest in the purported product.

What’s the Thinnest Google Android Phone?: Droid Razr vs. Galaxy S3 vs. Ascend P1S

Android customers are having difficulty sizing up the latest round of smartphones because there's been a recent influx in ultra-thin 4G-capable smartphones. Among the main competitors are the Motorola Droid Razr, Samsung Galaxy S III and Huwawei Ascend P1S. We weigh in on the discussion to determine what the best ultra-thin Android phone is.

Facebook Mobile Ads: News Feeds No Longer 'Friends-Only'

As part of an increased focus on revenue strategies, Facebook will be injecting mobile ads into its smartphone app within the next few weeks. The advertisements will appear in users' News Feeds alongside updates from their friends. Users will be unable to block the advertisements.

Can Google's 'Solve For X' Save the World?

Google launched a homepage for a new science and technology conference it will be hosting, Solve For X. The conference was announced in a 53-second video that reveals very few details about how the conference will operate; however, a CSS workaround has revealed more information about hidden aspects of the website and how the conference will operate.

Redbox, Verizon Create New Streaming Video Service

Redbox, the movie rental service, has announced a new joint venture with Verizon through which the companies will offer a streaming video service. The new streaming video service will launch in the second half of 2012. Customers must subscribe to the service in order to stream video, but details about the price scale have not been released.

Steve Jobs Ad: Why He’d Hate Android Commercial

Steve Jobs spent most of his life scoffing products that weren't created by the company he founded, but in a new Taiwanese commercial for an Android device, he's seen coveting a tablet PC other than the iPad.



Turkey Summons Nine Western Ambassadors Over Security Alerts

Turkey summoned ambassadors of nine Western countries including the United States and Sweden on Thursday to criticise their decisions to temporarily shut diplomatic missions and issue security alerts following Koran-burning incidents in Europe.