Jimmy Kimmel is known for pulling cruel jokes on children, such as when he asked parents to tell their children they ate all the Halloween candy or when he asked parents to give their children terrible presents for Christmas.

Now Kimmel is pranking full-grown adults and getting them to act like children. In his latest prank video compilation, Kimmel has asked people around the country to unplug to the television during the Super Bowl.

What ensues is a bunch of whining, blathering, adults yelling at the top of their lungs. On more than one occasion, friends and family punch each other in retaliation to the prank. It's a testimony to what this game means to most Americans.

In another spectacular moment, a woman points out that the Christmas tree is still up in her house. She says, You see that Christmas tree right there. It's February. You're not watching the game until you put the Christmas tree back where it belongs.

Aside from the woman pointing out a Christmas tree in the middle of the living room during the month of February, many of the other reactions were the same:

What are you doing?!

Are you crazy?!

Dude, not funny!

What the hell?!

You've got to be kidding me.

That's not even funny.


To see the entire complication, view the video below: