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Kim Kardashian, Jon Hamm Feud: Who Won The War Of Words?

Kim Kardashian, the reality TV darling that's far from new to facing public scrutiny, is rolling with the latest series of insults aimed directly at her. Jon Hamm, Golden Globe-winning actor of the TV series Mad Men, denounced Kardashian and her hit TV show in a recent interview with Elle UK, where he belittled the young actress and her show.

NASA, Congress Trade Barbs In Space Exploration Budget Debate

Over the past week, NASA officials have had to fight Congress tooth-and-nail over the Obama administration's 2013 budget request, which gives the space agency $17.7 billion in funding, a $59 million drop from 2012. The funding reduction has slowed progress on both of NASA's two latest programs.

Kickstarter: ‘Double Fine Adventure!’ Contributions End March 13

Double Fine Productions has generated more than $2.5 million to use toward producing Double Fine Adventure! and filming a documentary of the process. Those looking to contribute to this ground-breaking video game production don't have much time left to join in on the campaign: The Kickstarter page will stop taking contributions on Tuesday, March 13, 8:00 p.m. (EDT).

Pwn2Own 2012: Hacking Competition Reveals No Browser Is Safe

By the final day of Pwn2Own, a three-day hacking competition held at the annual CanSecWest security conference, each of the major desktop web browsers had been exploited. As one of the final demonstrations, French hacking team VUPEN exploited Microsoft's Internet Explorer 9 in a bombastic fashion.

Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao: Are 70% Earnings Enough?

The two most celebrated boxers in the world--Manny Pacman Pacquiao and Pretty Boy Floyd Mayweather Jr.--aren't officially scheduled to fight each other, but what many boxing experts call the most lucrative deal in the history of the sport could be made soon. The winner of the Mayweather Jr. vs. Pacquiao fight may now earn a 70 percent of the pay-per-view revenue, according to GMA News Online, who says that business advisor to Pacquiao's camp, Rex Waee Salud, has con...

Humphries to Kardashian: Pay Me $7M Or Endure 'Ugly, Public Trial'

Just when you thought the saga of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries' failed relationship had finally come to an end, the latest in a series of rumors about their divorce has surfaced. Humphries is reportedly demanding that Kardashian cough up $7 million before they go their separate ways.

Kayne West Web Game: Don’t Let Him Get In His Zone

Rambunctious Chicago rapper Kanye West is now starring in his own video game. Based on his lyrics from N---as in Paris, where Kanye repeatedly shouts, Don't let me get in my zone! -- the game has a simple premise: Do not let Kanye West into his zone.

Rick Ross Endorses ‘Lin Sanity OG’ Marijuana Strand

Linsanity has reached an all-time high: Rick Ross, the XL-sized rapper, recently endorsed a marijuana strand named Jeremy Lin OG in a tweet. Took @stalley shopping, tweeted Ross. The picture that was attached to the tweet was a large jar of marijuana nuggets. The label of the jar read: Lin Sanity OG.

Cute Penguins Walk Down Aisle Of In-Flight Airplane [VIDEO]

During a flight from San Francisco to San Diego, one of SeaWorld's rising stars walked down the aisle of a Southwest flight--a Magellanic penguin named Pete. Seaworld brought some of the Magellanic penguins to a National Science Convention in San Francisco and thought it would be a good idea to let them walk around on the plane during the short flight. They even let the penguins out of their cage at the airport gate prior to departure.

Miley Cyrus Test Drives '69 Mustang In Tiny Shorts, No Bra [VIDEO]

Miley Cyrus can be seen stepping into a '69 Mustang Fastback in teeny-tiny shorts, very little makeup and wearing no bra in video obtained by TMZ. The 19-year-old singer has aviator sunglasses hanging on the neck of her low-cut The Beatles shirt. She even invited the videographer into the car, who appears to be trying to sell her the car. He gives he a short lesson on how to drive it.

Shaq Dressed By Girlfriend, Shows Off 3-Story Closet in Esquire Interview

What do you do if you're 7-foot-1, 300-pounds and you have a lot of clothes? If you're Shaquille O'Neil, you build yourself a three-story closet. The 15-time NBA All Star shows off his massive closet in a recent blog post from Esquire, where he gives fans a look into what it's like to be Shaq getting ready to make a public appearance. The video was created in light of the announcement that Dove Men + Care Journey to Comfort campaign was teaming up with Shaq.

Kony 2012: Everything To Know Including Who Is Joseph Kony, What Is ‘Kony 2012,’ Should You Donate, Invisible Children Alternatives, More

Over the past week, Joseph Kony, the Ugandan warlord, has surfaced in major news outlet headlines and social media posts. The interest was sparked by a new documentary, Kony 2012, which was posted online by the U.S.-based group Invisible children. The atrocities that the warlord has committed are highlighted throughout the film and urge viewers to take immediate action against the warlord by donating to the non-profit group Invisible Children. For those that are still confused by the mov...

Heidi Klum Divorce: Supermodel Gives First Interview, Speaks Out

Heidi Klum, the modeling icon and host of Project Runway, spoke publicly for the first time since her breakup with long-time husband, R&B singer Seal. In recent interview with Elle magazine, the supermodel spilled the beans on the breakup and on living life in the public eye.

Jersey Shore Season 6: Rumors Fly, JWoww Sued

JWoww--the curvy cast member of the Jersey Shore and recent Maxim cover model--is being sued for more than $150,000 because she never warned her landlord that she planned to allow the show be filmed inside her home according to a TMZ report. The lawsuit says that JWoww leased a residence in Long Island in 2008 from someone named Stuart Levine. Once she moved in, JWoww allowed 495 Productions to shoot a few scenes for the first season of Jersey Shore.

Unreal Engine 3 Runs on Adobe Flash Player [VIDEO]

The Unreal Engine, a fabled gaming engine originally developed in 1998 for the first-person shooter game Unreal, is known for its high degree of portability and has become frequently used by independent game developers as the backbone on which they power their games. Adobe Flash, a multimedia platform for web pages, is known for the exact opposite: Flash games, to this point, have been primarily 2D and, as Steve Jobs pointed out, are typically unstable.

Pwn2Own: Hackers Exploit Google Chrome, Apple Safari

Google's Chrome browser was the first to be hacked at the annual Pwn2Own competition held at CanSecWest Security Conference in Vancouver. The competition, in its fifth year, has garnered lots of attention over the past few weeks, especially after Google disowned the contest, deciding instead to hold a rival competition at the conference titled Pwnium.

The New IPad Name Should Be ‘IPad 4G’

Today Apple released its latest tablet device--the new iPad--but while all of the improved features wooed bloggers, journalists and fans alike, one fact was left lingering in the minds of those that had closely followed the event: The name of the new iPad cuts against the grain of names previously given by Apple to its mobile devices.

Apple's New iPad 4G: Tech Specs, Comparison to iPad 2

Apple has announced the release of the new iPad at a press conference earlier today, which marks the release of the third generation of the company’s tablet device. While the new iPad may not look all that different, but the hardware inside the device is actually much more powerful than previous versions. The new iPad is due to hit shelves on March 16 and packs a mean brand new quad-core Apple A5X graphics processor and three different options for internal storage that include 16 GB, 32 GB and ...

Apple TV Announced: Supports 1080p, Costs $99

Apple has released a new Apple TV set-top box, confirming speculation that the company would be updating the product to support 1080p on a day largely centered around high-definition.

Protect Your Bubble: Smartphone, Tablet Insurance that Replaces Device in 24 Hours

Protect Your Bubble, a new online insurance company that launched in the U.S. today, will replace your gadget within one day of being lost or damaged within 24 hours. To boot, the company offers a lock, wipe locate feature for Android-based devices and a locate feature to compliment Apple's iCloud. In essence, you won't lose any information or the location of your device.

Can Apple’s 8-inch iPad Smother Amazon Kindle Fire’s Success?

Apple is reportedly buying up 7.1-inch screen components and with component suppliers to test a new tablet computer with a smaller screen. People are speculating about whether the company willbe producing what many are calling the iPad Mini in order to compete with low-budget Android devices such as the Amazon Kindle Fire.

Apple TV out of stock in 98% of U.S. Apple Stores Ahead of iPad 3 Launch [REPORT]

If you're itchin' to purchase an Apple TV today, good luck finding one. Ninety-eight percent of Apple's retail locations are sold out of the set-top box device, and it isn't available for immediate pickup when placing an order for it online, reports MacRumors. The dry spell could be an indication of the pending release of an updated version of the device. Several reports that surfaced last week suggested that Apple would unveil a new version of Apple TV alongside its new tablet devic...

How Did 'Star Wars' Illustrator Ralph McQuarrie Die?

Ralph McQuarrie--the illustrator responsible for designing Star Wars characters such as Darth Vader, R2-D2, C-3PO, Chewebacca and more--has died. He was 82 years-old. McQuarrie died after suffering complications from Parkison's disease, said John Scoleri, coauthor of a book of McQuarrie's art, in a Washington Post report.

Tyree Smith, Man Accused of Eating Brains, Eyeball Pleads Not Guilty

Tyree Smith, the Florida man charged with killing a Connecticut homeless person using an ax and then eating portions of his victim's brain and eyeball, has pleaded not guilty to murder. The Connecticut Post reports that Smith also waived his right to a probable cause hearing by answering Judge Robert Devlin's questions with simple yesses and nos.

Yahoo Plans Massive Restructuring, Thousands of Layoffs [REPORT]

Yahoo’s new CEO Scott Thompson is already beginning to overhaul the corporate structure. A report says that “multiple sources both inside and outside” Yahoo say Thompson is preparing large-scale restructuring, which includes “layoffs that are likely to number in the thousands.”