Earlier this week, a hot new internet meme took the world by storm: Cat Breading, which involves placing your cat's head through a piece of bread.

When the International Business Times picked up the piece, we astutely pointed out that The Fluffington Post, self-appointed world leader in fluffy news, chose to ignore the hot new meme, instead, opting to provide coverage on dogs wearing goggles.

The Fluffington Post denied the allegations of lackluster meme journalism, calling cat breading a cultural atrocity.

After being publicly shamed, reporter Michael Nuñez dug deeper into The Fluffington Post's business operations. What he found (and wrote at length about) was that FluffPo had been exploiting underage animals for years.

The Fluffington Post once again resorted to yellow journalist tactics in order to distract from their disintegrating brand equity. In another hurtful post, The Fluffington Post wrote, Michael Nuñez, a reporter for the International Business Times, has employed cat visual effects specialists Kittywood Studios to create faked cat meme videos. According to the emails, which have been verified by an independent digital forensics team, Nuñez hired Kittywood at least twice since November of 2011.

After consulting at length with his team of 300 Spartan lawyers, Nuñez responded publicly to the allegations in a short video.