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iPad 3 Rumors: 'Leaked' Parts Assembled, First Glimpse at Purported Design [VIDEO]

As Apple's special media event on March 7 approaches--where many expect the company to reveal the iPad 3--techies around the world are speculating what a new Apple tablet device might look like. One Chinese tech blog, M.I.C. Gadget, claims to have specific details about the design of a new Apple device just days before the company's special event. The blog has partially constructed what it purports to be the iPad 3 using what it claims to be authentic supplier parts.

Obama, GOP Trade Barbs on Rising Gas Prices, Energy Policy Reform

As gasoline prices rise around the country, topping $4 per gallon in many cities, President Barack Obama faces increasing pressure about his long-term energy policy. In his weekly radio address, Obama said that stronger auto mileage standards set under his administration, and better-built cars made in the U.S., will help Americans save money in the long term.

Obama, Advertisers Denounce Rush Limbaugh Slur in Birth Control Debate

The ostentatious conservative political pundit Rush Limbaugh drew himself further into controversy after calling a law school student a slut and prostitute in the aftermath of her testimony before Congress about the need for birth control coverage. On Friday, President Barack Obama called Sandra Fluke -- the 30-year-old, third-year Georgetown University law school student who spoke in front of Congress -- to commend her for her willingness to speak out about her cause.

Michael Savage Raises Question of Andrew Breitbart 'Assassination'

Staunch conservative American radio host and political commentator Michael Savage has raised the question that President Barack Obama may have arranged the assassination Andrew Breitbart. At the beginning of his radio show this morning, Savage played audio of Breitbart speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington last month.

Cell Phone Jammer: Bus Rider Wants Quiet Ride; What is Cell Phone Jamming?

If you've ever taken a ride on public transportation in Philadelphia, you know it can get a little noisy. Cell phone chatter fills the air on many of the city's buses, which can make for an unpleasant ride for some riders. One man, determined to stop the cell phone noise, was caught jamming people's cell phone transmissions on the public bus commute. But what is cell phone jamming and who is the Philly cell phone jammer?

Will Apple TV Service Be Launched by Christmas?

Despite facing difficulties with the media conglomerates that broadcast a large majority of television content, Apple may be pushing ahead with its plans to release a streaming television service by Christmas. Eddy Cue, Apple's senior vice president of internet software and services, has been leading talks with content providers for months reports the NY Post. The paper describes Apple's negotiating stance as this: We decide the price, we decide what content.

Michael Jackson Daughter Paris: They Faked Dad's Voice on 'Michael' Album [VIDEO]

Michael Jackson's daughter has made a shocking accusation: She says that the last Michael Jackson album Michael didn't contain Jackson's actual voice. She says it was an imposter. Paris admitted that Jackson's voice was faked on an online video chat in 2010, just before the album was released according to a TMZ report. She even joked about the footage leaking onto the internet.

Drug War: Google Brings Together Julian Assange, Russell Brand, Richard Branson, Others for Debate [VIDEO]

The Google YouTube team announced a brand new series, Versus, which will invite celebrities to debate different global issues. The debates will be streamed from YouTube. Versus will be part of a collaborative venture with Intelligence Squared, the self-described world's premier forum for debate and intelligent discussion. Real-time voting on the channel will allow debaters to delve more deeply into arguments that are resonating with viewers.

Square Approved for 30 New York City Taxis in Pilot Program

When Jack Dorsey isn't busy speaking at conferences about the growing influence of the popular micro-blogging website Twitter, he's hocking his latest venture, Square. Square is an electronic payment service that lets people charge credit cards from their phones. It requires a small attachment (shaped like a square, of course), and an internet connection.

Google Privacy Policy: 5 Easy Steps to Save Your Internet Privacy

Today is the day that Google consolidates 60 of its 70 privacy, which will allow user account information to be exchanged between its products. All of the enterprise software Google owns--Gmail, Google Docs, etc.--along with all of the entertainment properties the company owns--YouTube, Google Plus, etc.--will begin exchanging information between each other. Here's five easy steps you can take to save your internet privacy.

Google Privacy Policy Changes: Troving Data for Advertising Revenue, Is It 'in Breach' EU Law?

Today, Google changes forever: The company is consolidating 60 of its 70 privacy policies, which will allow user account information to be exchanged between all of its products. That means that YouTube, Google Docs, Gmail, Google Plus and more can begin to communicate with each other and leverage data between each other. Someone's Blogger posts may affect their Google searches; Google Plus links may affect YouTube suggestions; information will flow seamlessly between all of the popular enterp...

Windows 8 Remote Kill Switch: A Hacker's Delight?

The most significant update to Microsoft's flagship product--the Windows operating system--in years is surrounded by controversy because of a backdoor feature the company included its latest version: Reports of a kill switch that allows Microsoft to deactive or delete apps in Windows 8 has many technologists worried about whether it will tempt hackers to use the feature for malicious purposes, assuming they'll gain access to it.

Raspberry Pi Launch: Sells Out in Hours, High Demand Crashes Websites

Raspberry Pi--the miniature $35-dollar computer--went on sale today, crashing distributors' websites and selling out within hours of launch. Raspberry Pi developers aim to encourage children how to control and program computers. At such a cheap price, the founders hope that they'd be able to supply schools and also hobbyists with a base-level computer that they can then tinker around with.

Celine Dion Cancels More Vegas Shows: Throat Infection Muzzles Singer

The incomparable Celine Dion has canceled upcoming Las Vegas shows at Caesars Palace on account of a virus infection in her throat. The singers says the virus is causing inflammation of her vocal cords and can no long keep up the grueling pace of her Vegas show. Dion will cancel shows for six to eight weeks. She'll resume performances on June 9, if all goes as planned.

New York Times Launches ‘The Lively Morgue’ Tumblr, Posts Old Photos

The New York Times has covered the most monumental events in modern history--the moon landing, JFK's assassination and beyond--which is why it makes sense that the paper has started a Tumblr page to host many of its unused photos. Under the moniker The Lively Morgue, the New York Times photography department will be posting unpublished photos onto the Tumblog. The site launched this Monday, and its editors plan to post photos several times a week.

Twitter Bringing Promoted Tweets to Android, iOS

Following the success of the promoted tweets revenue model, Twitter is going a step further: They're rolling out the same model onto the iOS and Android version of the platform. The promoted tweets feature--which locks a specific tweet to the top of people's feeds--is already available on the mobile website ( The feature will be rolled out in an update to iPhones and Android-based phones over the next few weeks.

Megan Fox Wants to Have Kids with Austin Green

Megan Fox says she's eager to have children with her soul mate, Brian Austin Green, star of the TV show Beverly Hills, 90210. Fox tells all in the April issue of Cosmopoolitan magazine. Fox says that she currently has fun taking care of Green's 9-year-old son (who was mothered by Vanessa Marcil), but that one day she hopes to have her own kids.

Twitter Partners with UK’s DataSift: Can 1 Year Tweet Archive Help Your Marketing Campaign?

Starting today, companies can search tweets of any users back to January 2010. This will help them create better marketing plans, target influential users and predict monumental events. Twitter previously allowed companies to search up to 30 days of tweets. Regular users were only able to search through posts from the past seven days. That all changes today, as the UK-based company DataSift will begin offering a deep archive of Tweets made over the past year.

Google Chrome Hack Contest Offers Up to $1M at CanSecWest Security Conference

Think you can hack the Google Chrome browser? You could win $1 million in cold hard cash. Google's Chrome security team has announced it's offering cash rewards totaling up to $1million in exchange for demonstrated exploits of the Google Chrome browser. The rewards will be presented at Google's Pwnium competition at the CanSecWest security conference in Vancouver March 7-9.

Facebook Leaked Documents Reveal New Premium Ads

Facebook appears to be gearing up for the launch of new premium ads according to documents that surfaced late last week. The documents reveal that the new Facebook advertisements will be social in that they'll reveal who has liked an advertiser. The ads will pull content from a brand's Facebook Page, rather than requiring separate copy to be written.

Google Privacy Policy: How to Delete Search History before March 1 Deadline

On March 1, Google will change its operations in an unprecedented fashion: The company will be consolidating 60 of its 70 privacy policies, which will allow user account information to be exchanged between all of its products including YouTube, Google Docs, Gmail, Google Plus and more. For some, the privacy policy consolidation may be a concern because it could reveal sensitive information about your location, interests, age, sexual orientation, religion, or health.

‘Mad Men’ Season 5 Starts March 25: New Poster Unveiled

Mad Men returns to the airwaves March 25 at 9pm (EST) on AMC in a special two-hour premiere, which many fans hope will make up for its prolonged absence. If you're a die-hard fan, you've probably even taken a peak at the series' official countdown timer. Now there's something else to stare at while you wait for the series premier: AMC has unveiled another official Mad Men Season 5 poster on the show's website.

Are Cheap Chinese Smartphones a Share-Buying Scheme?

As smartphone sales continue to surge worldwide and the market ripens with increased spending from consumers, analysts predict Chinese vendors could seize market share with more affordable devices. Huawei and ZTE combined had sold 35 million smartphone sales in the past year.

2012 NBA Slam Dunk Contest: Best Dunks [PHOTOS]

The 61st annual NBA All-Star weekend featured several entertaining moments, none more memorable than the Sprite Slam Dunk Contest. The Sprite Slam Dunk Contest featured a slew of high-flying talent including Chase Budinger of the Houston Rockets, Jeremy Evans of the Utah Jazz, Paul George of the Indiana Pacers and Derrick Williams of the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Hells Angel Steve Ruiz Arrested in Killing at Funeral

Police have arrested a member of the notorious biker gang Hells Angels who allegedly shot a fellow Hells Angels member at a San Jose funeral. Steve Ruiz, 38, was arrested at about 7:30 p.m. on Saturday at a Days Inn Motel in Fremont, Calif., according to the Los Angeles Times. Though St. Jason Dwyer specified where Ruiz was found, he did not elaborate on what brought authorities to the motel or whether anyone else was present during the arrest.