Teen Mom Recap: Next Step
Teen Mom Recap: Next Step MTV

On this episode of "Teen Mom" Maci goes house shopping, Farrah gets serious about her relationship, Amber tries to keep her anger in check and Catelynn deals with the fallout from her mom and Butch's relationship.


Farrah seems remarkably chill in this week's episode. She goes to her first day of college (where she "appreciates art"), has a civil chat with her mom when she calls to wish her good luck, and is hopeful about how her date with Daniel and Sophia will go. Sophia is a little wild while Farrah gets ready for the date but calms down by dinner, and she and Daniel seem to hit it off. In fact the meeting goes well enough that when the trio skype with Farrah's mom after dinner she asks her if she can watch Sophia for a month while she and Daniel go on vacation to Texas. Sophia's grandmother readily agrees to more time with the toddler.


Maci and Kyle find out that their condo has been sold and they have to move out, and rather than look for another place to rent they decide to look into buying a house. The first home they visit with is gorgeous, but too big and too far out of their price range. Their realtor, the mom of one of Maci's friends keeps looking, and eventually shows them a smaller house with a big back yard that they can afford to make an offer on. They put in their bid and start dreaming of all the improvements they'll make to it when they own it. At Ryan's he seems unconcerned about Maci's house buying plans but he does say he plans on taking Maci to court to make a joint custody plan official.


With their house to themselves and college classes almost ready to start everything seems to be going well for Catelynn and Tyler, until Catelynn's mom calls him to tell him that she and his dad got in a physical fight and his dad is back in jail. When Catelynn goes over to check on her mom she sees her arm is bruised and there's a dent in the bathroom wall where Butch pushed her head in. Catelynn suggests she should end her abusive relationship with him, but it's not until Tyler shows her a text he got from his dad saying he loves cocaine above all else that she seems determined to stay away from him. After the emotional visit Catelynn and Tyler discuss how grateful they are that Carly will never have the kind of family problems that they've had to deal with.


Amber is still adapting to life post rehab, and Gary isn't making it any easier for her. When she asks to spend the day with Leah he isn't quick to agree, and she decides to go out to dinner with her cousin and her son to get her spirits up. When she explains her situation to her cousin she calls Gary for her and gets him to agree to drop Leah off at Amber's the next day. Even though Amber has gotten what she wanted she yells at Gary before her cousin can hang up, revealing her anger management techniques might not be working for her in the real world. The next day after some nasty exchanges with Gary she gets to spend some time with Lean at the park, where she meets up with her cousin again. Her cousin tries to convince her her relationship with Gary will always be toxic and they need to be civil for Leah's sake.