Teen Mom Recap: Next Step
Teen Mom Recap: Next Step MTV

This week on "Teen Mom" Farrah is having trouble balancing school and Sophia, Amber can't keep her anger under control, Catelynn tries to be there for her mom, and Maci moves into her new house.


In Florida Sophia seems much more interested in scribbling on index cards then going to sleep, which puts a serious roadblock in Farrah's plan to do her homework after Sophia's in bed. With Daniel's help the next day she's able to settle Sophia down enough to get some work done. Still, without help Sophia is too much of a distraction from her school work, so Farrah decides to ask her mom to take Sophia for a month. Farrah's mom is more than happy to take Sophia home with her. When Farrah's move comes down to pick up Sophia she finally meets Daniel in person when they all go out to dinner. She grills Daniel on his ten year plan, and he explains he wants to go back to school and start a family. He does get her stamp of approval in the end.


Amber still hasn't enrolled in an outpatient treatment program, in part because her constant fights with Gary have distracted her, but when her caseworker calls she realizes she has to continue treatment if she's going to get better. Her relationship with Gary doesn't get any better when he announces he's going out of state for the weekend again. While she picks a fight, Gary insists on being calm, especially in front of Leah. The next day Gary shows his mom around their new house and thanks her for all the help she gives him with Leah. When Amber ties to visit Leah at Gary's mom's house the next day and finds it empty she breaks down, though luckily when she gets back to her house her friend is there to calm her down. When Gary's mom drops Leah off Amber asks for help with the communication between her and Gary, and while his mom didn't want to get in the middle of their fight she did agree to be more connected with Amber when she has Leah.


When Catelynn and Tyler meet his mom and sister for lunch Tyler's mom asks him if he's going to support his dad at his arraignment. Tyler seems ready to cut all ties with his dad, but agrees to go when his mom points out he needs support now more than ever. Tyler ends up going to his dad's arraignment with his mom and Catelynn's mom, where they learn he'll have to stay in jail until his trail date, and, shockingly, he plans to represent himself. After that news Tyler tells Catelynn he thinks he should stop all contact with his dad until he gets his life together. When Catelynn visits her mom that night it looks like she's really ready to life her life without Butch, she even ignores his constant phone calls and vows she'll do better without him. She goes with her mom to her first meeting and they continue to chat about her plans for her future and her regrets about the past.


Kyle and Maci officially get the keys to their house, but they have to prepare it before they move in. When Maci tells Ryan about the move he takes the news in stride, and Bentley's distracted from the whole thing by the new puppy Ryan got with his girlfriend. While Ryan and his girlfriend are out to dinner with Bentley they discuss his plan to legalize his parental rights, which he claims he plans on doing ASAP. When Maci and Kyle take Bentley to their new house he likes playing in the yard but keeps saying he wants to go back to their old house. Their first night sleeping in the new house Bentley wants to do anything but sleep in his new bed, constantly sneaking into Kyle and Maci's room.