The Cast Of 'Mad Men'
We already lost Peggy Olsen and Lane Pryce. Is Don Draper next? AMC

With everything that happened this season on "Mad Men," the death, the affairs, the Weight Watchers meetings, what seemed to have fans most concerned was a plot point that could have facilitated Peggy Olson's (Elisabeth Moss) departure from the show. "Mad Men's" show runner Matthew Weiner is famously opposed to spoilers, as evidenced by his intentionally vague preview clips run at the end of each episode. Still Weiner can't help contract gossip from leaking, and thanks to some deals in the works "Mad Men" fans now have a better idea of which of their favorite characters will be returning next season and beyond.

Among the stars who are working towards signing contracts that would commit them to season six and seven, which will be the series' final season are Elisabeth Moss, January Jones (Betty Francis) and Vincent Kartheiser (Pete Campbell), MTV reports. Jon Hamm (Don Draper) is officially staying until the show's end (because what would "Mad Men" be without Don) and Christina Hendricks (Joan Harris) is also working towards an agreement that will make sure Joan and her infamous dresses remain until the end.

While the contracts stretch to fit two more seasons, only season six has been officially green lit by AMC reports The Huffington Post. Still, Weiner seems so confident he will be given the go ahead for a seventh season he talks about it as a certainty rather a possibility saying, "There will be a Season 7." With the constant buzz and acclaim around "Mad Men" his confidence doesn't seem misplaced.