Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift REUTERS/Richard Brian

Taylor Swift may be getting inspiration for a few new love songs. The 22-year-old country and pop star has been spotted with a new love interest: Conor Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy's grandson.

The pair has been popping up everywhere, including a Hyannisport, Mass., house party last Friday, The Huffington Post reports, and even more seriously, at Our Lady of Victory Church for Sunday Mass. Joining someone's family for worship seems like a big step in a relationship, and reports suggest the rest of the Kennedy clan who have met Swift have been happy to hang out with the "Love Story" singer.

Swift and the 18-year-old Kennedy -- whose mother, Mary, hanged herself in May -- have also been spotted in more common date spots; a Radar source claims to have seen the pair at a pizza shop acting like a couple. "They were holding hands and both had huge grins on their faces. Taylor playfully leaned into him as they walked." That sounds like it could be a scene from Swift's next "teenage dream" music video.

However this budding romance plays out, if her history is any indication, Swift can probably be counted on to take to her guitar and express her joy or heartbreak in the form of another hit song.