Full Moon - July 3 2012
A full moon Discovery News

This week opens with Stiles sharing his anxieties with Mrs. Morell, which illustrates the fact that he's pretty close to a stress induced mental breakdown and acts as a handy recap for the audience. Matt's body was found, Stiles' dad got his job back for uncovering Matt as the killer, the fact that almost drowning when you're nine is not a good reason to go on a killing spree is acknowledged, Allison still isn't talking to Scott because of her all consuming rage, Scott's mom still isn't talking to him because of his wolfish tendencies, Boyd, Erica, and Issac are missing, and also there's a lacrosse game coming up. Someone give Stiles some relaxing breathing exercises.

At Scott's house he goes into his room to find the Kanima holding his mom by the throat and Gerard chilling in the corner. Gerard explains if he doesn't bring him Derek so he can avenge his daughters death, he'll endanger the lives of those he loves. When the Kanima releases her Scott's mom begs him to give Gerard whatever he wants, I guess because she thinks it will reduce the giant evil lizard count in her son's bedroom.

At Derek's house Erica and Boyd admit they think they've found a new pack and they want to join up since the mortality rate with any other pack should be lower. Derek's angry, but ultimately lets them go. Unfortunately for them the pack they thought they heard was actually Allison and her dad playing a recording of howls.

At the Dr.Deaton's Issac stops by to get Scott's advice on whether he should join the rest of his pack and flee or stick it out with Derek (he also uses his super wolf powers to suck the pain out of a sick puppy, which was adorable). Scott informs him he can't leave because those he cares about need him, and Issac takes stock of his lack of loved ones and decides to run, but not before telling Scott Jackson is going to play in the lacrosse game.

At the lacrosse game their coach inexplicably gives the speech from "Independence Day" before turning things over to Gerard, who advices them to "kill them out there" which Scott figures is more literal than his teammates know. Scott is on the bench because of his bad grades (and because he can't explain he has to be on the field to protect the players from certain death). Using telekinesis Gerard tells the benched Scott that if he doesn't bring him Derek by the end of the game, he'll have the Kanima kill someone. On a happier note, when Scott's mom realizes there's something evil going on she tells Scott to do whatever he can to help, which I guess means she's accepted her hairier son just the way he is.

At Derek's house his creepy zombie uncle shows up and starts messing with his self-esteem just as Dr. Deaton warned he would. He assures him he wants to be part of Derek's pack, not the alpha, and proves it be providing the key to saving Jackson. He explains they have to use Lydia, the only person Jackson loved, to talk to him, to reach into his heart and convince him to be human again. This seems like a overly simple way to destroy a seemingly indestructable monster.

Back on the field Issac shows up ready to play, and starts by body checking his other teammates into agony to force the coach to let Scott play. This tactic gets Stiles off the bench too, who proves he is a terrible, terrible lacrosse player. Jackson then rams into Issac, giving him a dose of the paralytic. They haul him off to the locker room, where Gerard is ready to run him threw with a sword until Scott comes to his rescue, proving his has super human strength, speed, and timing.

In the woods Allison catches up with Erica and Boyd, shooting Erica with an arrow to wound her then shooting Boyd continuously until her father shoots the bow out of her hand, explaining they're not there to kill them. Allison, still in super cold warrior mood shows no remorse for her attempted murder and instead calls Gerard to tell him they captured two members of Derek's pack.

As Scott battles Issac's attackers Stiles scores a goal and their team wins, meaning everyone is celebrating as the buzzer counts down and Scott arrives back on the field. As the timer runs out Scott thinks no one was hurt, but suddenly the lights go out and mass panic breaks out. When the lights come back up Jackson's on the ground, unconscious, no pulse, and bleeding from his stomach. As Scott's mom tries to help him Scott notices Jackson's bloody nails and realizes his injury is self inflicted, just as Stiles' dad realizes Stiles is no where to be found.